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May 17, 2012 01:59 PM

Wall House, St-Barts review - Lovely dinner in Gustavia harbour

This restaurant was recommended to us by fellow Canadians we met while on the island. This place is great value for money - the food is decent and the price is a nice change from other high priced options in St-Jean! I started with the trio of cold soups - very tasty, refreshing. Like a wine tasting they tell you to eat them in a certain order - a nice touch. Next I had a chicken dish - decent, not overly memorable but good nonetheless. Desserts here are great - they literally wheel over a giant dessert cart and you can pick however many treats as you would like! We capped off dinner with a complimentary shot of their homemade rum.

Overall a lovely evening, would like to try this place once again for lunch.

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