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May 17, 2012 01:56 PM

SF Restos: Local or quintessential? :-) + Veg-Friendly

Hi all!

My partner and I will be in SF staying in North Beach, without a car, from June 8-15. We're from Toronto and are looking for places to eat that are uniquely San Francisco! This can include local food of course, but more than that we'd love to find places that just really feel 110% SF to you - local or not.

We don't eat meat or fish (dairy + eggs are okay) , but are not tied to veg-only restos or even extensive veg options - a few solid dishes on a menu will be enough. Some affordable local wine or beer pairings would be a plus (i.e. typical beer price, or say $10-15 for a glass of wine). For maybe one nice meal out we could do up to $60/person but for most meals would look for under $30/ea, give or take.

I've spent some time looking through many posts before asking this, these are some posts that I've found useful so far: Jan/12 Locally Sourced, Seasonal Tasting Menu Feb/12 Vegan List Jan/11 Creative modern veg/vegan Nov/8 Special veg dinner in Bay Area

As long as we can get there by public transit, anything goes!

Thanks for any help.

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  1. In North Beach, very San Francisco, best for lunch , Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store.
    grilled eggplant, red bell peppers, Swiss cheese, onions & marinara (served open faced)
    roasted red peppers & feta cheese
    sliced tomato & basil pesto
    Across the park Liguria Bakery for foccacia.

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      I had the foccacia a few years ago - when I was buying it, I naively thought I'd be eating half then and half later ;-) Those sound like delicious sandwiches, I will definitely head over there! Thanks!

      1. re: hillaryhillary

        If you are there early enough get some of the addictive bugia cookies.

        1. re: wolfe

          Note that Liguria sells out fairly early (they were out of raisin focaccia by 10AM a few Fridays ago). But fear not if you can't get there early--- Mario's sandwiches use their focaccia!

    2. Barbacco.

      SF wine lists are generally Euro-centric, here are some topics on the exceptions:

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