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May 17, 2012 01:43 PM

Pepolino review - Great italian food, nice local vibe

Ok not sure how local this place is since the concierge at our hotel sent us here but it does have a great, bustling atmosphere that does not feel touristy. The waiters here are actually Italian and not poseurs – I thought this was quite nice.

Even though we had a reservation we had to wait for a few minutes to get our table – no problem, we went upstairs to the bar (where we were ultimately seated) to have a drink. We ordered a bottle of their least expensive wine – a Montepulciano – and it was excellent! I took a photo so I could buy the wine for myself later!

The food is excellent! I had an amazing beef Carpaccio served with mushrooms and parmesan as an appetizer. My colleague had a trio of soups, all of them delicious – note this particular appetizer should be shared since the soup bowls are not the smallest! My main was fresh ravioli stuffed with braised beef and a tangy tomato and basil sauce – so good! We had absolutely no room for dessert but our waiter would not take no for an answer and brought us a yummy piece of Italian cheesecake to share – gratis! Such a nice touch!

The service was courteous, efficient and borderline a little flirty (in a good way)! This was a very enjoyable meal that did not break the bank – would come back here for sure

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  1. Nice review. I will have to try Pepolino again. I ate their once and was not thrilled. There are so many Italian restaurants in Tribeca to choose from. I'll report back, perhaps they got a new chef, its been quite awhile since I've eaten there

    1. Has been my go to for farratto for many years. They are always very friendly and helpful. Their food is wonderful, and if interested they allow corkage at not too hefty a price.

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        I went back to Pepolino . It was an absolute pleasure. The atmosphere quiet and rustic. Waiters and hostess speaking Italian to each other. Clientele speaking Italian. The food was authentic Tuscan cuisine. The owners are from a well known restaurant in Florence. The people at the next table ordered the farotto ( farro risotto) with mushrooms and white truffle oil. It looked delicious. I had the lentil soup, which was perfect for a chilly evening. I ordered the ossobucco accompanied by polenta with rosemary. The dish was fantastic. It was a nice size ossobucco, plenty of marrow in it. Most often you see this dish in New York in a tomato sauce.. This was in a brown gravy, probably a wine reduction. I loved this dish. They are very accommodating with making half orders of pasta, splitting dishes etc. The service, for me, was excellent. I saw other people waiting a long time for their food. They have 2 dining rooms. I had a glass of Brunello di Montalcino. It is rare that they would have a glass of $150 wine available. It was a special , and the wine was excellent. It was expensive for a glass but well worth the $22 a glass. They served it in a proper wine glass for that wine.
        This place might now end up in my regular rotation. It was very comfortable eating there. There are enough choices on the menu to actually eat here every night. The pasta with scallops looked good also. I was very tempted to order the pasta with veal ragu, or the ricotta spinach ravioli with a walnut cream sauce. Anyway,, I must have caught a bad night years ago, I am now reporting back, and the food is fantastic.
        Here's an old NY Times review