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May 17, 2012 01:42 PM

Fall 2012 in Tokyo

I know it's still far off, but never too early when you have to plan a trip overseas? ;)

Some friends and I will be in Tokyo from November 16th to the 26th, so are there seasonal Fall food items that we should make an effort not to miss?

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  1. Sushi and Sashimi wise here is a list of fish that are at their best, or coming into their best in the late fall - early winter season. This all depends on availability and the ocean of course, but you may be able to try some of these fish at their peak. I would schedule any sushi plans you have for as late as possible in your trip to take advantage of this list as many of these fish don't come into their best until late November at the earliest.

    Kan Buri
    Maka Jiki
    Kuro Mutsu
    Shin Ika
    Amae Ebi
    Kuruma Ebi
    Ezo Awabi

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    1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

      I read the reply *LONG* ago, but revisited it today...

      And I just want to thank Notorious P.I.G. for the reply...

      Thanks! :)

      1. re: slew

        Did you eat any or all of these tasty ocean treasures?

        1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

          I don't think he has yet since his trip isn't until november.

          1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

            Well... Looks like the only sushi place in Tokyo we will be going to is the Shibuya location of this chain...

            Will be in Kanazawa on the 27th and the 28th, so maybe will fare better there... ;)

            1. re: slew

              Oh... Trip is still happening in November... Starting date is the same but extended to December 1st....

              1. re: slew

                We go to Midorizushi in Shibuya sometimes for lunch when we are hanging out in that area. There is often a line. It is cheap and filling.

                In Kanazawa Komatsuyasuke ( is supposed to be one of the best in the country. Need to book asap. I enjoyed my night at Houshouzushi ( It recently appeared in an episode of No Reservations.

                Late November is quite possibly my favorite time to eat in Japan.

                1. re: Silverjay

                  Is Komatsuyasuke only open for lunch? That's what my friend in Tokyo said and is why we didn't try to get reservations there since we needed a dinner reservation. Got reservations at Otomezushi instead since she heard good things about it.

                  1. re: killersmile

                    The Tabelog pages says they are open from 11:30am-4pm everyday except Wed and Thurs.

                    1. re: Silverjay

                      I guess she was right then. Thanks for looking it up.

        2. Are you in Japan?
          Famous Japanese seasonal food in Autumn are Sanma(mackerel pike), Kuri(chestnut), Matsutake(mushroom), Kaki(sharon fruit), Zuwai-gani(snow crab).
          If you are interested in sushi, how about Tsukiji Fish Market.

          Tsukiji Fish Market(Inside):

          Tsukiji Fish Market(Outside):

          have fun!