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May 17, 2012 01:25 PM

Restaurant that can Accommodate Large Party (Capitol Hill area)

Chowhounds, you've been so helpful for research for past trips to New Orleans, Los Angeles and Oahu, that I am hoping you can help me out!

I am looking for a restaurant that can accommodate a party of 12-14 people. We are traveling from Victoria and Vancouver BC, staying in the Capitol Hill area, and our primary mode of transportation is bicycles, so something central would be ideal.

To give you an idea of the places I have highlighted out of interest (with the understanding not all of these can accommodate large groups, more to highlight the type of place we like!):

The Walrus & The Carpenter
Bastille Cafe & Bar
Brouwer's Cafe
Sitka & Spruce
Golden Beetle
Quinn's Pub
Ba Bar

My fellow traveler attempted reservations at a few places and reported "Generally, they are either going to charge us a minimum plate cost, won't split the bill, or have a rather inconvenient time (I like eating late but 10pm is too late for a 5 course meal!) I wanted to make a reservation for us at Ba Bar, but the website says they charge a minimum of $35 per person for tables over 6 or 8."

Any ideas? Thanks for any help!

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  1. Quinn's should work. You could also do something in the international district like tamarind tree.

    1. I think you will have trouble getting any resto to split out the check for that size group. Not common at that size..... computer systems can handle it, but it seems to be policy at lots of places.

      You might try Cafe Presse; they can do a large group in the back room. Menu is French bistro, and can accomodate eaters from light to hearty.

      I second Quinn's but don't know if they would take a group that size.

      1. Quinn's is a good option. Had a large party dinner there before (about 10ish people if I remember correctly) and sat at the big table on the second floor. However, they're really anal about having everyone in your party arrive right on time. We had a couple friends who were having difficulty finding parking (friday night at cap hill... go figure) and our server said he would have to open up the seats to other people on the wait list if our friends didn't show up in 2 minutes. Luckily, they came right as our server was finishing his sentence.

        1. I second Quinn's. Once had a friend had a birthday with over 20 people and they opened up the back room and had a private bar. I'm sure they can accomodate.

          Also, I've personally had a party at Via Tribunali's on Capitol Hill. They have a backroom with private doors and a nice big communal table there for the party. the barrels on the backwall and brick add to the ambience.

          1. Zoe can take up to 14, I believe, and Barrio can fit some large tables too.