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May 17, 2012 12:32 PM

Looking for nachos with shredded lettuce on them.

I had the best nachos while I was in the US, they served them with all the usual toppings and shredded lettuce. I loved that lettuce on them and don't think I have ever had nachos that way in Toronto. Is there a bar/pub/rest. that serves them that way? East end preferred.

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  1. Could you just ask your favourite nacho place to add shredded lettuce to the top?

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    1. re: Billy33

      I also like shredded lettuce on my nachos

    2. Personally I don't care for lettuce on mine, but as a matter of fact I had some last night at Hoops Sports Bar and they had shredded lettuce. Overall they weren't that great for $16 though. If not mistaken the last place I had them also put lettuce on them, perhaps it was the Firkin or Hair of the Dog. Really hard to find really good nachos here, no cheese and too sparse.

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      1. re: HandPay

        Gabbys puts shredded lettuce on them. They're not the best, but if lettuce is what you're looking for then they've got it!

        1. re: bringonthelbs

          Yes, that is where I had them also! Bad food but was no surprise to that.... was just there for a couple beer.