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May 17, 2012 11:51 AM

Day Trip suggestions in Boston - Walking from Faneuil Hall to Fenway

Hi All,

My wife and I are driving in and parking at Faneuil Hall in the morning, the day of a Red Sox game. We plan on walking our way down, ending at Fenway for the Sat night game, so we'll have about 7 hours to kill and potentially lunch and dinner or 2 smaller lunch/snack stops on the way.

Any suggestions on the best route to take and what the best lunch spots are on the way? Assuming nice weather, we like outdoor seating, good places to grab a beer, and are open to any type of cuisine, Food trucks and carts are fine too! Thanks!

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  1. Start in the North End a short walk from Faneuil maybe with a cup of coffee and a cannoli at Cafe Paradiso. After checking out Paul Revere Square and the North End, walk toward Beacon Hill, heading for Charles Street. After checking out the architecture and the shops on Beacon Hill, -maybe stopping for ice cream, head up Charles Street for the Boston Commons, sit and watch the swan boats and enjoy the view. Sit outside for lunch at Parish Cafe on Boylston just above Arlington Street and past the end of the Commons. Stop at Trinity Church and some of the other architectural gems in the Back Bay. Make reservations if you can for an early dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar or Eastern Standard Kitchen before the game and you'll be right at Fenway.

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      Agree with this. The entire wlak is about 30 minutes so you'll have time to meander. Lot's of places to check out in the North End. Salumeria Italiana, Parziales, Bova , Modern and Maria's bakeries. While in Copley Square (Trinity Church), the Boston Public Library is worth checking out especially the Sargent Murals and there is a place to have tea (Novel).

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        The walk is actually more like 50-60 minutes depending on how many people you have to dodge on the sidewalks along the way. Agreed though that the North End > Charles Street > Public Garden > Boylston > ICOB > Red Sox is pretty much the perfect day.

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          Specifically, the walk is roughly 3 miles without detours - if you can walk that in 30 minutes I'm surprised and impressed.

          Also, for the record, you won't see any swan boats on Boston Common - they're in the Public Garden, which is also the park that is bounded by Arlington Street. The Common and the Public Garden are side by side, separated by Charles Street, but they are two different parks.

          Other than those geographical corrections, everybody's suggestions to take your time having a bit of a wander through the North End and Beacon Hill, and then down Newbury Street towards Kenmore Square are excellent.

      2. re: teezeetoo

        Go for a ride on the swan boats, they're just lovely. If it's a beautiful day, you'll want to stay here forever!

      3. With 7 hours to kill you have a lot of time. I agree that Eastern Standard or ICOB are the places to end your walk and have dinner before the game (make reservations!). If you do the Charles Street walk, you can then go through the Public Garden and make your way down Newbury Street and window shop, stop at one of the numerous bars and restaurants with outside patios.

        1. Its waaaay more than a 30 minute walk ... just sayin ...

          Good suggestions. My thoughts:

          Grab a slice at Regina's in the North End

          Parish Cafe's outdoor seating is always mobbed, so consider alternate arrangements

          Skip Boylston St (except for the library) and walk down Newbury st or the Comm Ave boulivard

          1. Lots of good suggestions but if you're really just wandering around with no def plans, there will be plenty of time to also go into the south end which has beautiful brownstones and good restaurants. Ice cream and/or pizza at Picco, oysters at B&G, croque madame at Gaslight, cupcake at South End Buttery are some possibilities.

            1. To start with I would park closer to Fenway. You will be grateful you did after the game. Look at the prudential garage, I think they validate with Fenway tickets. From there you can walk thru beacon hill, the Boston common, and end up at the north end. From the north end walk to haymarket and experience the green line to kenmore square.