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May 17, 2012 11:46 AM

How to make sour turnips like they do in Slovinia

I found that sour turnips are one of the main ingredients of many Slovinia recipes. Does anyone know how to make them?

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  1. Read about it but haven't tried to make it. Most of what I've read speaks to using methods quite similar to sauerkraut .... might try that.

    1. Yes, its kinda like sauerkraut, I have been taught you always do this after the first good frost of the season. I usually start with a big sack of turnips, peel them, then if you can find one a turnip cutter, its a board about 16 inches to 2 ft long about 6 inches wide with a cutter in the middle it cuts the turnips into 1/8 in shoestring type cut, It's very difficult to cut them on this board but its the only way I have found to make them that small, I currently use a 1/4 in potato cutter and they are not quite as good but a heck of a lot easier. Anyway after you cut them put a couple of handfuls in a large bowl and sprinkle liberally with salt and mix them up a bit, let them sit a few minutes then start pressing with the palms of your hands much like kneading does,does this till the turnips turn soft and very juicy, toss them in a crock, fill the crock with turnips,juices and a little salt, place a cheesecloth and a heavy object on the turnips allowing the juices to be on top.
      Place the crock in a cool place, I use the garage and I live in Colorado so this is a pretty good place in October, in a few days when everyone is yelling at you because the garage stinks, go clean the scum off the top of the juices and cheesecloth, repeat this very couple of days and when everyone has had enough of the stink,about 10 days to 2 weeks, take the turnips out and can.....see directions for canning if you don't know how. Also some people and I have also put them in a Ziploc and freeze them,I still prefer canning, put a little salt on top before sealing the jar. I like to eat them in the summer I warm them up till almost boiling serve with some type of boiled pork,Shepard's bread and good or yellow mustard,, lots of pepper on mine.