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May 17, 2012 11:19 AM

A paean to South Boston

It was such a lovely day that I went for an extended lunch trip to Sullivan's at Castle Island. There are certainly better hot dogs and clam bellies to be had, but there is something joy filled about eating these surrounded by toddlers chasing pigeons and large Irish vets walking too small dogs that made every bite a memory from childhood. I walked back to downtown along Broadway and this isn't Eddie Coyle's neighborhood anymore. Lots of new cafes, eateries and upscale provisions to complement the smoke caked bars and packies. So give it up, Foodies of Southie. What's good here? Cafe Arpeggio, Blue Tierra for chocolate, Mozo for Japanese? How about the older places (Pat's Trattoria, Rondo's subs, Liberty Bell Roast Beef)?

PS Already have a good sense of places close to A street (KO pies, Mal's Amrhein's).

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  1. Cafe Polonia, D&J Market and Baltic European Deli - the Polish trifecta around Andrew Square.
    Add in Speed's in Newmarket Square and you have more tubed meat options than you can shake a stick of kielbasa at.

    BTW, it's Mul's Diner.

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      Thanks Bob: I guess I know the Polish corridor as well. It's the Broadway stretch of which i'm almost ignorant.

      1. re: gourmaniac

        Also assume you do not need info on the places near the waterfront, which is also technically South Boston.

    2. Have you tried Local 149 yet? Not far from Castle island, good watering hole (try one of ex-Craigie bartender John Mayer's cocktails) P.S. check out the bathrooms

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      1. re: barleywino

        149 kills me with its beer list. Having a plethora of mediocre beers is not conducive to removing the money out of my wallet. With the variety of great local products in the area if I walk in this weekend and see 4 of the taps taken up by ommegang I will start cutting myself

        1. re: messyheat

          Wait, what's wrong with Ommegang?

          1. re: messyheat

            Was curious so I checked the beer list. 23 taps of craft beers and Belgians with Narragansett as the only macro-style lager and you consider it mediocre?

            Looks like one of the better lists around town to me.


            1. re: nickls

              I can attest that the Gansett is the best Ive ever had ...

        2. I'm a fan of Bob's list of Polish places.

          L Street Diner is a good casual spot, like their CB hash and they usually had a roasted turkey dinner/sandwich from a fresh roasted turkey.

          Joseph's Bakery off Broadway, on K is worthwhile. I sometimes like their pizza..sort of a Galleria Umberto style, but more like Parziales(few doors away from Bova) in the NE, if you know them.

          BTW, if you like to walk and it sounds like you do, K Street is worth a look...also some grand old homes on E Broadway, near Castle Island.

          1. Old school:
            My Diner for breakfast - nothing fancy, but better than Mul's IMO
            Rondo's Subs - best steak and cheese in the area. Only open during the day

            New school:
            Paramount - Only been a couple times. It's pretty good.
            Local 149 - they take chances and that's not something most places in Southie do (most bars serve nachos, chicken tenders and nachos again). Some hits, some misses.
            American Provisions - great sandwiches and selection of meats and cheeses

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            1. re: bclarke25

              In addition to the ones above, Sweet Tooth Bakery - I like their carrot cake.

            2. Local 149's food is real good, particularly their burger

              KO Pies

              My Diner (check out Dirty Bill's next door)