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May 17, 2012 10:43 AM

Best eats in Sitka, Alaska?

We'll have one day in Sitka (arriving on a Monday afternoon and heading out again on Tuesday evening in mid-June) so that leaves us looking for 2 dinners, 1 breakfast and 1 lunch. Any suggestions? I searched and didn't find Sitka mentioned anywhere on (Maybe a bad sign?)

Just looking for good eats. I know things in Alaska are generally expensive, which is ok, we'd just like to find the best Sitka has to offer.


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  1. Hook Line and Dinner on Cooking Channel has a Sitka episode (playing for example May 27 evening). There may also be something on the show's page on CC .com

    1. It has been several years since we were in Sitka but our restaurant of choice for two dinners was Ludvig's Bistro.

      The Channel Club was also good.
      They will provide transportation to and from the restaurant. Useful if you do not have a car.

      This is the review we posted elsewhere of our Sitka meals:
      "In Sitka, the place for great food is Ludvig's Bistro. Ate there two nights. They open at 2 pm serving tapas, which are actually huge plates of food. Dinner service starts at 5 pm. Tapa menu is still available. The calamari was outstanding and we shared that tapa both nights. Great paella and several other dishes-all fish. Wine list is quite large by the glass and the wait staff extremely helpful and relaxed.

      Also ate at Channel Club for the steak. Glad we got there early to avoid the smoke. Sitka is about to vote on an all inclusive no smoking for public places.

      Had borsht at Bayview but was generally disappointed in general. It was their first day on the winter schedule. Service was terrible and we were overcharged.

      Ate another night at Van Winkles. Very average."

      Hope that helps. Enjoy Sitka.