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what were (are) your favorite bed time snacks?

The recent passing of my grandfather led us to a discussion of bedtime snacks we remember from summer visits to his farm. Some of our favorites - big bowls of ice cream, corn flakes with milk straight from the barn, and bowls of crushed saltine creackers with milk, eaten like cereal.

These days I have some fruit or popcorn with my hubby. Last night tho it was a cup of decaf and a chocolate cupcake in honor of my grandfather. :)

what did you/do you eat at bedtime?

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  1. Since I became an adult, I can count on one hand the number of times I've had a bed time snack, assuming you don't count a cup of tea. When I was a kid we used to eat ice cream or share a bag of pistachios/bowl of popcorn, but now my husband and I end dinner between 8 and 9 so I'm never hungry for more food...but then I usually go to bed by 10.

    1. On the weekends, my hubby and I like to split a dark chocolate bar. Or we will snack on some vegan gelato (new obsession). During the week, I have a small glass of almond milk before bed.

      1. A jar of natural super creamy peanut butter... And a spoon. :)

        1. I'm trying to break that habit by eating dinner a bit later, but my go-to bedtime snacks are:

          Saltines with dairy butter or peanut butter
          Wheaties or Go-lean Crunch with milk
          Toast and butter

          1. Trix or Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs or Frosted Flakes or homemade granola or Froot Loops or Kashi or Honey Nut Cheerios... with almond milk.

            I grew up on Oat Flakes and Shredded Wheat. I think I'm making up for lost time in the kid's cereal department. Though if they still made those Oat Flakes, I'd be on them in a heartbeat.
            I hate hate hate waking up hungry in the middle of the night, and we eat dinner about 6. By the time I go to bed at 11, I'm ready for a snack.

            1. I can't go to bed without a snack - my parents started it when I was tiny and 24 years later, it lives on - but I also don't ever eat a full meal, just many small ones throughout the day.

              I'll usually have a homemade protein bar before bed to tide me over til morning, otherwise I'll wake up starving at 3am.

              When I was small it was usually toast with butter, sometimes sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Othertimes, my parents would spoil us and give my brother and I crab legs dipped in butter as a night time snack! Talk about spoiled kids!

              1. How do you folks eat bedtime snacks and not put on weight....or maybe you do?

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                  escondido, it's just part of my daily intake. To tell you the truth, I can put on weight just by looking at food, but whether I eat my bowl of cereal at 8:00 or 11:00 doesn't seem to make any difference to me.
                  I've lost 48 lb. in the last year on WW, and still have my bedtime snack. It's all in how you balance the rest of your intake during the day.

                2. When my brothers and I were little we always had a bowl of cereal before bedtime. It never had occurred to me until I was much older that this wasn't something everybody did. Eating cereal just seemed like what you did when you got out of bed and before you went back in it.

                  Then we always took a tupperware cup of water up to bed with us. And I never drank mine because in the mornings whatever was left we got to feed to the various household plants...which was exciting.

                  1. I absolutely must have a snack before bedtime. Sometimes it's truly snackfood category; other times via leftovers it qualifies as more of, say, a fourthmeal. At any rate, if it's just a snack, a mug of warm whole milk with a tad of vanilla and nutmeg and a banana usually does the job. If it's fourthmeal, it requires something more substantial, like half a tuna sandwich and a glass of juice with ice.
                    Sometimes, my favorite bedtime snack is a huge adult beverage accompanied by some sort of cracker. That ranks right up therezzzzzzzzzz

                    1. Chocolate chip cookies, of course, being sure to let some of the crumbs and chocolate chips fall down under the sheets so I can smoosh them during the night.

                      1. I like those dried salted green peas in the evening. Nutritious and tasty without a heavy glycemic load.

                        1. Salty snacks are my must, especially pretzels. Trying out the cheddar special k chips but mixed them with my pretzels. Then 1 fireball or root beer barrel if I'm practicing self control, a bag of gummy eggs if I'm not.