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May 17, 2012 10:12 AM

Visiting Seattle Over Memorial Day Weekend Need Restaurant/Coffee/Alcohol Suggestions

Hi there, I'm looking for food/beverage suggestions in the greater seattle area near greenlake. We're going to be there for three days and three nights. My friend is from Seattle and I've been there a bunch so I'd prefer to avoid the touristy places. I'm also going on a budget. I can't go big every night and frankly I'd prefer to keep myself budgeted to less than 50 dollars a day if possible. I'm interested in trying out foodtrucks or hole in the wall places serving anything tasty, flavorful and inexpensive (pho for example). I have no problem eating ice cream for lunch or pancakes for dinner etc. Just give me suggestions and I'll fit them into my schedule.


-I'd like to get seafood/oysters one night.
-I drink coffee every day and I like to start each day with a new, unusual and spectacular cup of coffee
-Try any local specialties
-Speakeasy type bar focused on specialty cocktails
-Farmers market or something equivalent to make dinner from

Thanks for the help

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  1. Greenlake is right next to the University District, which has it's farmer's market Saturdays.

    You're also not too far from Ballard, whose market is Sundays.


    1. All near you: Aloha Ramen in Greenwood—cheap, cheap. I like the cocktails at Copper Gate, a quirky Scandinavian bar in Ballard. (They also have food.) Go to Walrus and Carpenter in Ballard RIGHT WHEN THEY OPEN for happy hour oysters and innovative crudo dishes (great bread too); or go to Frank's in the U District for oysters and a glass of champagne.

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        Great suggestions, these are right up my alley. Any independent/"serious" coffee shops you'd recommend?

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          Can't help you there. I don't drink coffee.

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            Coffee near greenlake: Neptune, Herkimer, Seven/Makeda, Ballard Coffee Works

        2. will tell you where all the food trucks are parked on any given day. Everybody has their favorites but the ones I'd look for would be Marination, Skillet, Where Ya At, and Crisp Creperie.

          1. Oysters- Taylor Shellfish
            Speakeasy bar with awesome cocktails- Tavern Law in Capital Hill
            Coffee- Victrola, Cafe Ladro, Stumptown are some I can think of..

            portage bay cafe for a weekend brunch.

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              What makes portage bay cafe a winner? Does anyone have other brunch suggestions? Also neither of us have tried the seattle food trucks. What are the must tries?

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                Senor Moose in Ballard has a fantastic brunch- authentic Mexican, very homey....gets super busy, though, so I'd go early although I think you'd be fine on weekdays. Right across the street from Senor Moose is Cafe Fiore which has great coffee.

            2. You are close to Dot's deli and I'm guessing you know about Paseo's. For speakeasy bar, you are close to Oliver's twist which will definitely fit your description. If you truly want to go local, don't forget to hit Cafe Besalu for french pastries.

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                You MUST try Marination - the person above provided the link for food trucks, however Marination Mobile can be hard to get if they aren't parked near you on the right day - SO go to Marination Station, same food, permanent location in Seattle. The pork sliders and beef tacos are SO good. Probably about $10 for a decent size meal (drink not included)

                It's hard to give coffee req's cuz people take themselves so seriously with that here- everyone thinks they have awesome taste in coffee but there's no collective fav, I have heard great things about zoka and did appreciate the latte art and flavor not bad!

                Oh, if you try marination station and LOVE it - then you might like my other favorite, ZIPPY's burgers, it's in West Seattle but it's got the BEST burger I've ever had (I'm not a fan of in-and-out I don't get the hype, nor do I love red mill, a far of some locals)