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May 17, 2012 10:00 AM

Wild Boar Shanks and Ground Goat in Westchester?

I came across these 2 recipes in Food & Wine and am wondering if anyone knows where I can find wild boar shanks and ground goat in Westchester. I live in Mamaroneck and work in Greenwich, so somewhere near either of those would be most convenient, but I'd be willing to take a little ride to find them.


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  1. I have not been able to find game in Westchester and usually wind up ordering it online. Must admit that goat is not my thing so...

    The best local advice I can offer you is to contact Crisfield's in Rye (967-0152) and ask them if they can get it for you.

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      Thank you! They're ordering it and I should have them both Monday! Thanks again!

      1. re: cbn456

        I should update this. I was able to get wild boar from Crisfield's, but the goat was only available if I wanted to order the whole goat for about $200. I passed on that opportunity. Crisfield's was a great find, and I'll definitely be visiting them again. Thanks for that tip!

        1. re: cbn456

          Glad that you found at least half of what you needed. They are a very good resource.

    2. Restaurant Depot (assuming you have or can get access) usually has frozen goat and they will order game. Don't know the minimum quantities, but its probably substantial.

      Biancardi's on Arthur Avenue has fresh goat around the holidays, shouldn't be a prob for them to order it and/or boar.

      1. can;t help you with the goat, but wild boar shanks and other cuts) are available from d'artagnan

        1. They have goat meat at H Mart on central Ave in Hartsdale. not ground, not sure if it was on the bone or boneless.