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May 17, 2012 09:41 AM

Redbones Food Truck

is in the FD today. Had a good pulled pork sandwich today. A little pricey at $9..with mac n cheese but worth the convenience. I'm probably a little sensitive cuz I recently got back from SC; where the same sandwich would be $3.50 with slaw..:) Glad to have the option.

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  1. "in the FD"

    OK, I'll bite.

    Fire Department? Father's Day? Funeral Director?

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    1. re: okra

      Financial District...Milk and Kilby, just off PO (Post Office) Square..:)

    2. now I found it made the bread too soggy, did that happen to you? Other than that, I was pretty happy with it when I tried it

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      1. re: devilham

        In an effort to fit in my bathing suits, I didn't eat the bun.. just the pork

        That is a common drawback to a pulled pork sandwich. I was wearing 1 of my favorite ties and I didn't want any pork to slip out the back...and land on it or shirt..:)

        With BBQ, I find the bun or bread rarely adds anything and is more of a vehicle to lift the main event.

        1. re: devilham

          I had one on Wednesday and decided next time to try rotating the container 180 degrees every so often to see if the sogginess is distributed the bottom wouldn't fall apart. Although, maybe that would make both sides of the bun disintegrate.

          1. re: devilham

            At 9 bucks, it doesn't seem like the savings of working off the truck is being passed along to the customer. Just saying....

            1. re: sadflour

              Sad Flour, I don't disagree.

              I don't know the economics but I'm sure there are costs to running a food truck.

              At $9 with mac n cheese it's probably more than I want to spend ona regular basis..ex. I spent $10 on a Sam Lagrasso's pastrami earlier in the week. Probably 2x the meat. IMO, a bargain. I spent $15 on a Lobstah Love roll and my $ would have gone far further at Hook's.. The trucks are businesses..and I thought Redbones was charging appx $2 more than it was worth; but it was a good product and I'm free to make the decision to go back or not. Lobstah Love was a poor product and I won't go back. Got to recognize that I'm in downtown Boston and not rural SC..and you pay a premium. I can't imagine anyone walking away from the Redbones

              Truck;; thinking they got a deal. OTOH, it's nice to have the option of Red Bones 2 mins from my office. I don't mind paying a little more every now and then if the quality is there...and it was.

              1. re: 9lives

                Agree with this. Overall, I'm not seeing the whole truck thing except to provide different chow in areas lacking. Waiting in line for a $9 sandwich in the FD gets away from my truck ideal that comes to a construction site to provide grandma's tamales. If it provides a greater diversity of chow, so be it.

                1. re: gourmaniac

                  Yeah the truck ideal has sort of run amok. I'm all for quality and a diversity of products but when a truck meal hits close to 10 bucks I'm left shaking my head. If I'm not mistaken, the Red Bones shack in Kendall is cheaper. For me, Clover does it right: A hefty (somewhat healthy) chickpea sandwich, 5.25? Add some fries for another 3 bucks. That rocks...

                  1. re: sadflour

                    I don't understand why people expect a meal from a food truck to necessarily be cheap? This is not unlike people who think that all mexican/chinese/etc food must be dirt cheap.

                    It's a restaurant on wheels. That might be a way to cut costs, perhaps it isn't. They're not all the roach coaches of days gone by.

                    I was never a huge fan of Bon Me, but in the dust up regarding the cost of their sandwiches vs the competition in chinatown it was pointed out that Bon Me was using all locally raised, organic meats (among other differences). That's going to account for a price increase

                    1. re: jgg13

                      Last I checked, you don't pay rent at the curbside... Pass along the savings...

                      1. re: sadflour

                        I'm sure there are other costs. The key word is necessarily cheaper.

                        Some of these food trucks are serving up a higher grade of product (in theory) than their B&M cousins, why should they be cheaper?

                        At the end of the day it doesn't matter - something is worth exactly what someone else is willing to pay for it. I just don't like it when people assume that XYZ must necessarily be cheap.

          2. I had a two meat combo off the truck, and thought the pulled pork was great, but the ribs were gawd awful. They were cooked to the right doneness for my tastes (fat rendered, and a little chew) and were smokey, but they had that ghastly hoggy flavor that I just can't get past. I actually threw them out after one rib, and that's a first for me. I think I'll save my rib days for the M&M truck.

            1. Still can't understand why people sweat this place so much. Their BBQ is average at best, only passable in New England really. Soulfire in Allston (yes, I know it's not a food truck also) isn't spectacular either but still is way better than Redbones.

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              1. re: el_caballero

                I don''t think anyone is "sweating the place" too much. Redbones provides easy accessibility to Southern BBQ in downtown Boston. It's not just passable in NE. It would be passable in the Carolina's...just higher priced.

                Soulfire, which is not available for my lunch in downtown Boston, doesn't have a seat at this table until they open an outlet in downtown..on wheels or not.

                1. re: 9lives

                  I like redbones as much as the next guy but this line "It's not just passable in NE. It would be passable in the Carolina's" is laughable.

                  1. re: jgg13

                    Oh I thought the meat was solid, decent barbecue, and my sides were ok too, it was just to wet for me....I think I would forgo the bun in the future.

                    1. re: jgg13

                      May be laughable to you; but not to me. Obviously every one's taste is different, but this sammy was every bit as good as many sandwiches I've had in SC.

                      My family has lived in the Carolinas for almost 50 years...I'm still a yankee..:)....catch the lobster, striper, and blues. with the occassion tuna

                      It's not that hard to do a pork. Slow roast a well seasoned shoulder over smoked wood. tear up with 2 forks and season...vinegar, hot pepper, +

                      Red Bones did it right. Id stick their sammy next to most of what's being done there....and I'll add that I was never a fan of Redbones.

                      1. re: 9lives

                        Fair enough, I can't remember the last time I had their pulled pork. In general I haven't found too many places who don't try to douse their pulled pork with the more ubiquitous KC-esque style sweet bbq sauces although at least w/ RB you sauce your own meat.

                        My problem w/ the statement in general is that I don't even find it to be the best BBQ locally, much less compared to the homelands of the various styles.

                        And again, I'm not knocking the place - it serves its purpose and I go there more often than I go to the places that I think are better due to convenience. Plus, I really like the jerk.

                        1. re: jgg13

                          No sweet sauce. i was surprised myself. Vinegar dominated.

                          Here's a photo set from a SC BBQ sanctioned event (whatever that means) go to Memphis..which is the World Series for BBQ geeks...look at 6,7


                            1. re: jgg13

                              Ha, Ha...If you ever get the opportunity to attend a pork festival, Take it..:) Lot of fun.

                              1. re: 9lives

                                There is a huge difference between competition BBQ, where cooks know exactly what time their food needs to be served, vs restaurant, where it is cooked ahead and then held/reheated. It makes consistency hard to achieve.

                                1. re: Msample

                                  honestly i have not been to redbones in years after finding Bt's smokehouse in sturbridge, soulfire in allston, blackstrap in winthrop, red eyed pig in west rox, and blue ribbon (BEFORE they stopped smoking at the west newton branch).

                                  havent seen the need.

                                2. re: 9lives

                                  I didn't need some stranger on the internet to tell me that ;) You better believe I'd be going to such a thing!

                                  Well, I guess that's not strictly true. I've not gone to Cochon555, but that's more because of the price tag.

                            2. re: jgg13

                              That Jerk Beef is really good. Is it on the truck menu?

                              1. re: Matt H

                                I don't believe so, but I've never been to the truck.