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May 17, 2012 08:14 AM

Michael's Genuine Disappointment - Sra. Martinez Saves the Night

Sadly disappointed. Highly anticipated leg of a visit from out of town, but a big letdown...twice.

Reservation was, initially, 20 minutes late. No biggie for a packed Fri nite; so we go to Sra. Martinez for drinks, and wait. 45 minutes later, though, I check: another half hour delay. Unacceptable. Cancel. Get a call half hour later telling me my table's ready. Whatever.

Sra. Martinez immediately accommodates, without a reservation. Elegantly casual tasting menu was outstanding, with expert, friendly service to match.

We gave Michael's another try a few days later: Welcoming, professional staff. Tasteful design. Tantalizing menu...sad execution. "Al dente" , unseasoned pasta that may or may not have been heated - for 15 seconds - in a microwave. Gelatinous burrata... (to their credit, quite tasty deviled eggs)

We may have caught the establishment on an off day (well, two off days). If that's the case, though, it was enough to discourage a return visit next time we're in town.

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  1. Sorry to hear about that. You should try Michy's on your next visit.

    1. We had an interesting time there.

      They wouldn't let us pull up another chair to our outside table. There were no other parties seated at the time.

      After paying the check, one of our guests, who was wheelchair bound, started to slowly head away from the table. The waitress seemed to think the wheelchair bandit was attempting to dine and dash. Like a angry infant, the waitress yanked the guest check holder out of my friend's hand and proceeded to add it up. It was all there.

      This was my first and last time there. The disappointment was magnified by all of the positive reviews I had read before going.

      And the dessert had freezer burn.

      1. There was a time when Michael's was consistently good but in the last year or two, they have gotten off track. Out of the last five dinners there, we were happy with just two while the other three meals were average or below. The grilled meats were unseasoned, tasteless and not worth the effort. We've stopped going to the restaurant except for brunch which remains quite good.