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May 17, 2012 07:38 AM

Flying to Singapore

I'm flying United from IAD to Tokyo and then on to Signapore, business class. Will the airline-provided kosher meals be edible or should I just bring my own food?

Also - according to the web I can only find one kosher place in Singapore. Is there anywhere other than Awafi?

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  1. In terms of airline food I have found them to be edible just not that match so I would pland bringing additional snacks -

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      The food on the way home should be better as I believe most airlines use Hermolis, which is the maker of the best airline meals in the world in all classes.
      The Coffee Bean on the corner of the street that the shul and community center is located (Waterloo & Bras Basah) is also under the hashgacha of the local Rabbi. They have sandwiches and I think pasta.
      Awafi is basic food and service.
      If you are there for Shabbat, you can book meals at the community center which are served after services.

    2. Down the block from Awafi is a kosher Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf but that's about it in terms of kosher restaurants. Inside the Jacob Ballas Center complex (where awafi is) there is a supermarket with kosher items.

      They also do shabbat meals there if you will be there over shabbat (last time I was there it was 50 SGD for friday night and shabbat morning but it may have changed since then).

      More info is available here -->

      1. I've had no problem on that route. Even had a very good kosher meal recently on Air Indonesia. A caterer out of Antwerp.

        However, I always take some sort of backup, because any change in flight plans, missed connection, etc. and you can get pretty hungry.

        The food situation in Singapore is great. There's a coffee Bean and Tea leaf with real food (quiche, sandwiches) on the corner of the street the combined shul/JCC complex is on. and in the complex there is a very good (tablecloth) restaurant. The community supports it so that they have a place where business travelers can dine with local colleagues. Three cuisnes: Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Straits. It's great, and very fun to be able to eat local specialty dishes.

        1. Airline food should be no problem. You may even be lucky and get Hermolis for the Tokyo to Singapore leg. As others have said there are 2 kosher restaurants in Singapore. You can also find a little food in the regular supermarkets. I've found lenders bagels and peanut butter imported from the US with hashgacha. Not a ton of options, but enough to pack a sandwich to have with you during the day.