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May 17, 2012 07:20 AM

Le Creuset Cookware on Viking Induction Range

We purchased the VISC5304BSS Viking Induction range several months ago and have been shopping around for compatible cookware ever since!

Many retail shops and sites say that cast iron cookware, specifically Le Creuset will work fine on Induction. However while reading the VIKING use and care guide one night, I saw "CAUTION: To avoid risk of property damage, DO NOTuse cast iron cookware. Castiron retains heat and may result in damage to the range"
(page 15


Viking's own web site: "Stainless steel, enamel and cast iron are usually induction friendly, while copper, glass, and aluminum are not."

I called Viking's customer service about using LC on the range but in an effort to avoid liability, she said I cannot use any cast iron on induction to limit the risk of breaking the cooktop.

This is very concerning...has anyone had any experience with cast iron cookware on induction ranges in general? If anyone has any experience with Viking induction cooktops/ranges and use of cast iron cookware, I would love to hear it!!

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      Thanks! Unfortunately there hasn't been many updates to that thread. While the LC works fine on the induction, I'm more worried about breaking the cooktop. Since Viking has such contradicting information, I'm hoping there are people who have used cast iron cookware with their induction tops with no issue.

      1. re: joliec

        <I'm more worried about breaking the cooktop>

        What do you mean by breaking the cooktop? Do you mean the cast iron cracks the cooktop? I doubt it.

        <she said I cannot use any cast iron on induction to limit the risk of breaking the cooktop>

        Well, if you drop the cookware ontop of the cooktop.... sure, but you can do the same for other cookware too. Fill your 6 quart aluminum stock pot and drop it on the cooktop and it will crack it too.

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          I'm going by what Viking said in their manual:

          "CAUTION: To avoid risk of property damage, DO NOT use cast iron cookware. Castiron retains heat and may result in damage to the range"

          Not sure what that "damage" will be but still concerning. If using my $200 LC cookware will result in hundreds more to fix the cooktop, I might willingly throw that down on top for good measure.

          My LC grill pan and dutch oven work fine on the cooktop- I've used it several times and so far, no sparks, pops, or fire shooting out from the sides. My concern is....Would cast iron mess with the magnetic sensors and result in shoddy temperature control on the burner?

          Not sure how cast iron retaining heat well would damage the cooktop but I figure there must be some concerning factor that would make the company explicitly say that on their manuals.

          1. re: joliec

            <Castiron retains heat and may result in damage to the range>

            It does not seem to make sense. The only thing I can see is that the induction cooktop has a temperature sense build in, and it is one of those which is "smart" ebough to regulate temperature and shut down the power based on the temperature reading. Cast iron cookware have slow temperature response them, so this may confuse and mess up the temperature feedback. However, even this is kind of unlikely. The reason is that foods themselves retain heat. In fact, much more significant than cookware. An aluminum pot with water will retain heat much better than an empty cast iron pot. So while it is true that an empty cast iron cookware has a better heat retention, it may not really matter in the big picture when we account for the food contribution.

            There is no way a hot cookware can damage the physical aspect of a range. A hot cast iron is no difference than a hot copper.

            <Would cast iron mess with the magnetic sensors and result in shoddy temperature control on the burner?>

            Highly unlike has anything to do with the magnetic sensor. It is possible to do with the temperature control.

        2. re: joliec

          how do you like your range ?...i have one ordered that should be here in 3 weeks ....i stepped out of the box and ordered racing red ...Brad

      2. I have a Viking portable unit which has pretty much the same limitations as your range.

        LeCreuset: doesn't work (same pieces work on Fagor and Miele)
        leCuistot: variable depending on piece (same pieces work on Fagor and Miele)
        Lodge: variable depending on piece (frypan didn't work, did work on Fagor and Miele)
        DeBuyere (carbon steel): works

        All-Clad Stainless: works
        Vollrath: variable, depending on line (induction-ready restaurant line doesn't work)
        Demeyere: works

        You're not going to break your cooktop unless you drop something like Chemicalkinetics said. It certainly won't be for heat - my IR thermometer shows that I can hit 500ºF with a cast-iron surface via induction.

        You will however find that the Viking brand will be quite limiting to what lines you can use.

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        1. re: wattacetti

          Thank you wattacetti!! That's really helpful for when I look for other brands of cookware to buy

        2. Hi, joliec:

          My advice is to return the Viking for a refund and find an appliance on which you can use your $$ cookware.


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          1. re: kaleokahu

            as much as I would love to return this range, it is no longer an option. countertops and cabinets have already been customized and installed per the appliances :(

            If cast iron is indeed such a pain on Viking's induction, I will just rid of them rather than have a dud in my kitchen! I'm hoping to hear from other people's experiences and see if maybe Viking never got around to updating their manuals since their online website says the opposite- that cast iron is induction compatible/safe to use.

            1. re: joliec

              Hi, jolie:

              I think there are two issues here: (1) Will your LC *work* (understanding there are gradations of working)?; and (2) will using cast iron damage your new Viking?

              I think the consensus is that your LC will heat food on your range--the non-functioning being associated only with the hotplates and the detection circuitry. I confess I'm mystified how or why using CI on it might damage the range from excess stored heat--this has the dull ring of wrong (or CYA) to it. If you like your LC, I would at least try it on the range before getting rid of it.


          2. I use Staub and LC on my Miele cooktop _all_the_time_.