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May 17, 2012 06:59 AM

Mold on Apple Slice in Brown Sugar Jar

I read that adding a slice of apple to a jar of brown sugar can loosen up hardened chunks of sugar. And it did. Except I accidentally left the apple in there too long and mold started to grow on it. The apple was separated by a small piece of paper towel and plastic wrap but upon removing the expired slice, the jar did smell faintly moldy.. Does this mean I have to throw the entire jar away?

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  1. Unless you want to use moldy-smelling sugar...

    1. for the future, i've found the best way to keep brown sugar soft is in a screw top glass jar stored in the fridge.

      1. Well, I guess I was wondering if I could scrape the top layer off or something or whether the entire jar was likely to be contaminated (due to spores or whatnot).. I usually use the brown sugar for baking, so would that kill off any potentially hazardous microthings? Or should I just toss the entire (*wince*) jar away?

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          How expensive is brown sugar where you live? It's not worth having if it smells like mold. Spend $2 and get some fresh brown sugar.
          Then, put the bag in another bag. If it gets hard in the future, zap it a few seconds in the microwave.

        2. Throw the moldy stuff out.

          Start with a fresh box of brown sugar. I put mine in an old Tupperware container made for that purpose (it holds the contents of the box with a little head room) and I top it with a a heel or half a slice of store bread. The bread never molds, just dries out and still keeps the sugar fresh.

          1. Put the brown sugar in a ziplock bag, and squeeze the air out. A good squeeze will loosen everything up if it ever turns into a block.