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Another Katrina Victim

hazelhurst May 17, 2012 06:02 AM

T-P reports this morning that Sid-Mar's has gone dark. Apparently the Vets location just wasn't working (I can vouch for that..just not at all the same feel as the Lake was but I had no problem with teh food.) Another blow to the diminishing world of Wop Salad.

  1. uptownlibrarian May 17, 2012 06:35 AM

    This is such a shame. It was so exciting when they reopened.

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    1. re: uptownlibrarian
      TaTee May 20, 2012 06:54 AM

      The news of their re-opening was exciting, but I never darkened the door. The location was not what I was looking for. When I think of dining at Sid Mar's, I think of the old place...where you could see Lake Pontchartrain between the floor boards. We went there for the atmosphere as much as the food. They did have the best fried onion rings! As the realtors always say: Location, location, location.

      1. re: TaTee
        hazelhurst May 20, 2012 10:24 AM

        That, I think, was the main problem. And the seizing of the land didn't help any. The Vets place never felt right but I tried to give them some business from time-to-time. I have the same problem with the new Mandina's and College Inn.

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