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May 17, 2012 04:59 AM

Kid Friendly/Post-game Recommendation in Richmond

Heading to Richmond this weekend for a lacrosse tournament. The team is staying downtown at the Omni. I'm searching for a spot that could satisfy a group of kids (good pizza or burgers) as well as the parents who will probably be most interested in having a good beer (or two) after a full day of Lacrosse.

Any hounds out there with a suggestion or two?


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  1. Bottoms Up Pizza in the bottom could probably work. I haven't been in years but it used to draw a big crowd. I'd call in advance. Most of the places near the omni are bars and if you're in there late, like after a game, they can move from the food scene to a bar crowd. Before 10:00 or so may work ok but if you're pushing up against that time you're kinda out of luck for places within walking distance.

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    1. re: nyctripper

      Bottoms Up was my first thoughts as well.

    2. I might suggest Blowtoad but it depends how late the games finish because the crowd becomes more of a bar crowd later from what I hear. (Also i haven't yet been to Blowtoad )

      Where is the Tourney being played?

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        I giggle every time I hear the name Blowtoad. It wouldn't be nearly as funny if Jimmy Sneed didn't own the place (yes, I am

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          So it's not just me then lol

          Though i am intrigued by the coal fired concept, having not had a chance to get up to New Haven.