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May 17, 2012 04:11 AM

NC now allows rare burgers!

The NC Commission for Public Health has adopted new rules that now allow restaurants in the state to legally serve burgers rare. I think the new rules go into effect on July 1. Here is an article from the Wilmington Sun about the change:

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  1. AWESOME!!! Common Sense made it's way into the law? amazing.

    1. Best food news I've heard in a long time. No more overcooked burgers!!!!!!!!!

      1. I had heard that this was happening this summer. Something on schedule???!! Amazing. But seriously, that is wonderful news for this still-mooin' burger lover!

        1. Hooray!

          I'm all for public safety, but the burger policy was just beyond ridiculous. We might need to carry copies of the change to back up the legality our burger orders!

          1. On a related note, I had a really good, properly cooked medium burger at G2B in Durham last week. Had a charcoal flavor to it as well.