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Santa Barbara State Street classy wine bar

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I am planning a girls weekend to Santa Barbara in July in honor of my best friend getting married. I'm hoping that after dinner on State Street, we can head to a fun, yet classy, wine bar on State Street together. We are all married (with the exception of the bride-to-be, of course)... thus, we are NOT looking to get hammered and dance the night away with college students! lol. We are looking to enjoy ourselves, have a fun convo, drink yummy wine, get tipsy or a bit drunk, enjoy music that isn't blaring, and then head back after a fun, happy night! If anyone knows of such a place, please let me know! Again, on State Street, or an off-shoot street within walking distance. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The State Street wining and dining area is about two miles long. Try "Blush" on State Street in Olde Towne. http://santabarbara.com/dining/review...