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May 16, 2012 09:58 PM

has anyone eaten at newly opened milos in south beach?What is your impression?Would you recommend it?

what dishes do you recommend?not recommend?how was the service?

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  1. We were there this weekend. Nice looking room, currently have about twice as many staff as they need crawling all over the place, but seem to mostly have their act together. Fantastic display of fresh fish on ice right next to the open kitchen, really impressive.

    The "Milos Special" appetizer is very good - very delicately fried eggplant & zucchini, stacked in a tower, with tzatziki and Greek cheese within. Grilled octopus was very good too. Was less impressed by the avgotoraho (cured mullet roe) app - but mostly on account of the price (more on this below).

    A raw fish sampler done crudo-style was very good, super fresh, 4 different fish with a drizzle of oil, sprinkle of salt, and a different bit of herb or citrus with each one. Whole fried red mullet was also top quality.

    The prices are breathtakingly high,and are so across the board. Most of the whole fish run $50+ per pound. The crudo sampler was $45 (maybe not completely out of whack if you compare to the price of high quality sashimi - this was 4 small pieces each of 4 different fish, so that's arguably like a 16 piece sashimi plate). The mullet roe app was $34 for 4 little crackers with penny-sized slivers of cured roe. The octopus, for an appetizer portion, was $20+. Even the eggplant/zucchini app was $24 - though it was a portion big enough to share, it was still just fried vegetables.

    Very good selection of Greek wines and - in curious contrast to the food - many did not seem outrageously marked up (though I don't know the going rate of many of them to compare).

    I can understand - and maybe even justify - the cost of bringing in fish that fresh. But the markups on the rest of the menu are pretty painful. I think, like Hakkasan, if you really game plan you can figure out how to have a great meal without completely breaking the bank, but it can get really expensive fast.

    They also have a market on one side where they sell a lot of prepared seafood items, cheeses, etc. Looked intriguing.

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      Thanks for that frod. I am going to wait awhile before going there.

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        I'm hoping they offer the $24.00 three course lunch they do in NYC.

        Is the market open during the day?

        1. re: The Chowfather

          In Vegas I think the lunch special is $22.

          It's also probably the answer to the question we were asking as we were heading out, looking at that gorgeous fish display: "What do they do with all the fish they don't sell tonight?" But it's still probably fresher than most of what you find elsewhere.

          The market seems like it ought to be open during the day but I don't know.