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May 16, 2012 08:53 PM

what would you do.....BBQ chicken?

Would you brine the chicken parts first? If so, how long? I am thinking I would brine chicken parts overnight, bake in oven earlier in day then throw on grill when guests arrive and brush with BBQ sauce then. Does this sound like a good plan? I don't think I want to do boneless, skinless chicken breasts - I don't feel those become particularly BBQY with the sauce.

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  1. Yes, it does sound like the right plan, well generally. Brine, rest. Cook chicken on indrect heat to cook. brush with sauce when nearing doneness, baste a couple times. I don't see the issue?

    oh, maybe you have a grill, not a BBQ (no smoke and briquettes), so put some soaked wood on the fire to help make the BBQ flavor get into the chicken?

    I am sure if you do a search here, you will find lot's of help...

    1. Yes it's a good plan. I would use a dry-rub with salt instead of of a brine because I think the chicken skin ends up crispier that way. I think the best chicken parts for this are deboned drumsticks and thighs with the skin on because they lay flat on the grill, cook evenly and are hard to dry out.

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        thanks for the boneless with skin ideas - i don't think i have ever seen the deboned drumsticks! i will look for them.

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          Well, they won't have boneless drumsticks at the store; you'd have to debone them at home. First cut a horizontal ring around the skinny part of the leg close to where the foot would attach, making sure to cut completely through skin and tendon. Then make a vertical slice through the thickest part of the muscle, down to the bone. Finally, use the knife point to scrape flesh free, working all the way around the bone. Trim out fat and tendons as you go.

          It's not hard to do and you end up with a clean bone for stock making. No waste!

      2. Unless you plan on hitting that chicken with a serious dose of smoke when you take it outside to your grill, I'd skip the grill and simply use your oven to do everything.

        Bake them in a slow oven on a sheet pan fitted with a cooling rack covered and sealed with foil until they temp out where you want them to, then remove the foil, sauce, and broil until caramelized and sticky. Flip, sauce, and caramelize again. I think your grill is an unnecessary step in your plan.

        However, if you're wanting to use your grill as a smoker, then that would be a good idea. There are tons of write ups all over the internet on how to do this.

        1. Pre-cook, then grill? What's the point? If you want grilled chicken, then grill it. No matter what kind of grill, you can learn to make good chicken on it. There should be no need to bake it first. And if your reason for grilling is to add some smokey flavor to the chicken, that won't happen if you pre-cook it. Cooked food will not take on smoke. Brine? Yes. Bake? Skip it.

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            I agree with Cheez62. Chicken pieces don't take more than an hour or so on the grill and will taste much better than oven first. Just push all the coals to one side and cook the chicken on the other side (indirect cooking). If you have a disposable drip pan put that under the chicken. Throw a handful wood chips on the coals just before putting the chicken on.

          2. If you're wanting to precook the chicken to simplify the grilling part, I see no problem with that.

            In fact, in college, my parents had given me a load of Chinese style poached chicken. For an impromptu party and being a poor college student I didn't have money to buy groceries so I threw the chicken on a grill and slathered on the bbq sauce. Much to my surprise, people raved about the chicken.

            Since you plan to bush on bbq sauce, what I would do is lightly poach the chicken in a very flavorful liquid and leave in the liquid overnight or poach the morning of. The chicken will be cooked and ready for the saucing and grilling.