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May 16, 2012 07:17 PM

Never expect the day I will recommend Dim Sum at, 'of all places' - Chili Secrets!!

Chili Secrets on Leslie just north of Hwy #7 ( Richmond Hill ) is known for serving the cheapest Dim Sum in the area. As such, I have always been skeptical about their quality and hesitant in giving it a try!
Today, due to some unforeseen reason, I had a quick Dim Sum lunch at this place and was pleasantly surprised! ( more like stunned )!!

The Har Gow I ordered had one of the best seasoned and most delicious prawn fillings anywhere in the GTA! Fresh, juicy and crunchy; whole, rather than diced shrimps were used. The intact wrapper, though not the thinnest is more than acceptable. It actually tasted better than Dragon Dynasty's version!

The braised beef tendons was a revelation and one of the tastiest rendition I had. The sauce was simply amazing!

Steamed chicken with Chinese mushrooms over rice in a porcelain pot was great value for the money. Especially when 'free-range' chicken was used!!

The Beef wrap comprising of spiced beef, veggie, Hoisin sauce wrapped inside a Chinese crepe was so good, my son ordered another one to go!

For sure, I will return and try out more of their offerings. ( hoping my experience today is not an aberration!! )

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  1. Think you should give it another try. I was there a few times but I did not have your wonderful experience. i will try to go there this weekend and try

    1. This has been my go-to dimsum place for the last couple years, my ideal price/quality point.

      I like ordering the "beef roll" and being able to order dan dan mian and other sichuan dishes with my dim sum. Same menu at sichuan legend on midland, but the hwy7 location is roomier.

      1. What were the prices for each? Is it the same regardless of size or is there a different price for S/M/L? Are the prices higher for weekends?

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          I'm not 100% sure but I think prices for S/M/L are 2.20 on weekdays and 2.50 on weekends. I think its all day, not early bird.

          ALso I think its jsut for the regular dim sum menu. THe specialty northern and sichuan stuff cost more.