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Who makes the best bone marrow ?

I have always loved all kinds of bone marrow. Even the bits of marrow in chicken bones. I've enjoyed the marrow in Osso bucco as well. One of my favorite bone barrow dishes was the bulalo from Tagaytay, Philippines, where they make a beef shank and knee soup.
Recently I had the bone marrow appetizer at Minetta. it looked great with the toast soldiers. When I tasted it I was quite disappointed. It was unlike any I have had before; It was almost like a glob of uncooked fat sitting in the bone. Usually it is my favorite dish. Maybe i'm missing something and this is the "real" way to eat it.
The bone marrow dish at Recette, although prepared differently is delicious.
The bone marrow at Kin Shop, is absolutely delicious. It is so flavorful, you just want to lick the bones afterwards.
I''m interested to know, who has a bone marrow dish that is the best you have had. I am also interested to know what you thought of Minetta's bone marrow and if it usually comes out differently than what I was served, a glob of what appeared to be uncooked fat.

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  1. I don't care for bone marrow, but Mr. R. loves it. He ordered the bone marrow dish at NoMad and gave it high praise.

    Photo of NoMad's Bone Marrow dish: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


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      I also had the bone marrow at NoMad and found it underwhelming overall - but still a good dish.

      I personally love bone marrow in all forms and particularly liked the minetta tavern presentation (but had the marrow that came with the cote de beoufe - not the appetizer) so my opinion may not be what you are looking for.

      The bone marrow at Blue Ribbon was very good also but played second fiddle in my opinion to the ox-tail marmalade it was served with.

      Finally, I've heard the dish at Prune is excellent, but have yet to try it.

      Good luck and I'd really like to try some of the places that you mention in your post. A little more detail if you have time? Thanks.

      Also, try this:

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        That bone marrow at Nomad looks really good. I have to get to Nomad

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            I think EWSflash was being clever with interpretation of wording. The OP asked who MAKES as opposed to something like who PREPARES.

            That being said The NoMad makes a decent marrow dish, Blue Hill at Stone Barns makes a fantastic marrow bones sliced long ways. And even though it doesn't apply the hands down best marrow I've ever had was at St Jones (but I had to mention it).

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              I love the stone barns preparation. The caviar adds just enough saltiness and texture. Really wonderful.

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                Did you mean St John, in London? Yes, a lovely bone marrow dish, with parsley salad. Closer to home, I had a good bone marrow dish at a simple bistro on the upper west side that I cant remember the name of......real helpful, I know. I though it was French Roast, but I just looked at their menu and no bone marrow....maybe they took it off.

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                  Yes, St John's London, yummmmmmmmmmmmm

              1. Blue Ribbon at 97 Sullivan Street in Soho.

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                  The New Blue Ribbon at the Thompson Hotel LES, has good bone marrow. I had some the other night.

                2. I enjoyed Marea's bone marrow and octopus fusili but I don't know if I can call it the best because it was the only time I had ever had it.

                  1. Definitely Blue Ribbon. Their Marrow w/ Oxtail Marmalade is a NYC classic, nobody comes close.

                    1. i had bone marrow dish at Prune not too long ago and it simply wasn't that good plus it didn't have enough marrow in it. my home made version was a lot better which by the way is very simply to make and super affordable.

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                        Agreed, Prune's bone marrow was very disappointing to me. It tasted like nothing at all.

                      2. I had the bone marrow at minetta before and I thought it was fine. The onion jam/marmalader paired nicely. The minetta marrow I think is very do-it-yourself and minimalist and you add salt and such to it yourself. I like it that is split lengthwise too, similar to DBGB.

                        I think the best bone marrow prep i had was at the now close, please-reopen-soon M Wells. Escargot with bone marrow.

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                          My bone marrow at M Wells was nothing special, bordering on bad. the escargot was overcooked and the marrow underseasoned.

                        2. I ordered a traditional roasted bone marrow dish and it was 99% gelatinous fat, like the OP described. Is that to be expected? Apparently there are two kinds of marrow, red and yellow. I am wondering if most restaurants use the yellow kind, which is indeed mainly fat in spreadable form.

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                            Well, yellow marrow is mostly fat. Red marrow doesn't really have any culinary use - the body uses it to create blood cells, thus the red color, but as we grow, much of it disappears or converts to yellow marrow. Also, red marrow is primarliy found in smaller deposits in thinner bones - i.e. the skull, ribs, etc. There's just not as much of it there to extract, so it doesn't really have much culinary use. Some yellow marrow can look reddish, but that's just on account of some blood having gotten into them during the butchering.

                            But yeah, if you don't like gelatinous fatty things... you probably won't like bone marrow.

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                              It should be crispy on the surface and edges and oozy on the inside, and should spread like slightly chunky marmalade. If it's too firm and resists being spread, then it's not cooked properly and you should notify the waiter, Mayor Bloomberg, Obama, et al.

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                                I didn't want to respond to everyone, but I see there are many places I should try the bone marrow at. The way brancron describes the marrow, my bone marrow dish was improperly prepared as it was a solid , very firm glob of fatty stuff. It actually turned me off to marrow, which is one of my favorite dishes. The Kin Shop cuts the bones the same way that Minetta does, lengthwise. A lot of good info in here, thanks again

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                                I second Crispo and Minetta Tavern (had it also with the cote de boeuf not apps). I was disappointed by Prune.

                                I adore bone marrow though so I am looking for some more suggestions too.

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                                  I had a bad experience with Minetta's bone marrow, The kin shop had great bone marrow. I am going to try several of the recommended spots

                              2. Here's a great best-of list that contains many of the suggestions already made here: http://www.restaurantgirl.com/bone_ma...

                                1. while I will def. second any of Blue Ribbon's bone marrow dishes, especially the Bone Marrow and Oxtail Fried Rice at their Japanese spots you should try the Bone Marrow and Testa (braised pigs head meat) at Dell'Anima.

                                  Its nothing short of amazing and sounds like the type of application that you would like.

                                  1. I'm actually surprised that so many of you don't like Prune's bone marrow. I thought it was even better than at St. John in London (even though they use the same recipe). Perhaps I just got really lucky and got a good piece.

                                    My vote would be for Blue Ribbon. The marmalade cuts through the richness a bit.

                                    1. Great suggestions...all the usual suspects, and you can't go wrong.

                                      But I think the best bone marrow is at Illili (with Stone Barnes a close second). It is reminiscent of St. Johns, as it is served with a take on Tabouli (a lebanese parsley salad) with dried cranberries added to cut the fattiness with some tart/sweet. I also think he dresses the salad with lemon, adding some more tart to the dish. And instead of Baguette, they serve it with warm Pita.

                                      People are gonna think I'm some shill for the restaurant because I say it so much...but that place is totally underrated and the bone marrow is one of their best dishes!

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                                        I'm with you on the Ilili recs, both on the marrow specifically and on it being underrated in general.

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                                          where is lilili ,, how do you actually spell it

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                                              good question! I think it's i.L.i.L.i and it's on 5th ave and 27th street...

                                              And to bring it back to the thread--anyone tried the bone marrow at the new Blue Ribbon on the Lower East Side? Is it the same prep? Recommended?

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                                              We've walked past it many many times but never went in. The menu looks interesting and good but is it really as loud as people are saying? I really hate loud.

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                                                We've been to ilili once a few years ago. As you know, I am very noise phobic. When we were there, it was not very busy, so the noise level was fine. However, it is a huge, soaring space, and I can imagine that when it is full, it could get very loud. So, I think it might be best to go when it isn't too busy. Maybe early on a Sunday? I think that's when we went.


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                                                  Thanks RGR. We are fond of early dining so this could work.

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                                              I see they have sardines on the menu--how are they? It looks pricy for mid-eastern to me, too, but for bone marrow AND sardines, I'd spring.

                                              1. re: culprit

                                                Would you slather the bone marrow ON the sardines?

                                            4. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has a buffet, The Wicked Spoon, and they serve bone marrow. I'd say it's the best because it's technically unlimited, although I don't know too many people capable of eating that much richness in a short period of time. I was done after 2.

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                                                Are they relocating to Manhattan anytime soon?

                                              2. I've had a few version, including at St John's in London, but for me Prune is the best I've had in New York.