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May 16, 2012 06:42 PM

Root beer barrels

Ok, another thread got me thinking about Charles chips (gosh I miss that service so much) which got me thinking about their delicous root beer barrels. Husband loves root beer barrels, and the ones we purchased at cabelas just weren't root beery enough. Does anyone know of a place I could order him some barrels from. He likes them strong and kind of spicy if that helps....

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  1. Haven't tried these, but have gotten good products from this place...

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      Another source for many old candies is Yummies of Kittery, Maine:

      1. Good question. I've had rb barrels from my friend's boutique candy store and out of the bargain bags at CVS and they all taste pretty much the same. You are right that there must be some better ones out there somewhere. Hope you find some and clue us in.

        1. I get mine in a small local store. However, I just checked and they are available on Amazon: Dads Root Beer Barrels.