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May 16, 2012 05:57 PM

Pho Republic / Indian Restaurant

I just walked by what was Pho Republic then the Indian restaurant on Washington St in the south end. The windows are papered up and the work permit says they are working on floors, new bathroom tiles, and a new bar. Any one know anything?

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  1. According to yesterday's Boston Globe the Bombay Club/Pho Republic space will be taken over by Shane Manfred of Bellino's Trattoria(Wakefield) and Bistro 20(Sudbury). It will be called Boma Restaurant & Bar, opening mid July. The food will be American regional cuisine with a changing menu based on the market and season. 

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      It is almost never good when a restaurant with a modicum of suburban success tries to make it in the city. Totally different level of expectations from a Boston restaurant vs a Sudbury restaurant, and I can't personally remember it ever working. This is especially true when it's moving into an already saturated market like "American Regional."

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. And Sibling Rivalry, South End Buttery (at dinner), The Beehive, Stephi's, and 28 Degrees.

      2. Heard from a neighbor that BoMa allegedly doesn't stand for Boston, MA, but for "boma":

        Really? Anyway, it's good news for that couple of blocks of Washington Street, with Boston Chops (the old Banq / Ginger Park space) moving forward, too.