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May 16, 2012 05:51 PM

What to order at Scarpetta?

I'm going to Scarpetta for the first time tomorrow night. Are there any "must-gets"?

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  1. Loved their creamy polenta fricassee of truffled mushrooms & their Pancetta spiced duck breast.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      that polenta is most def a must-get. the spaghetti is the signature dish but i was disappointed both times i had it. the casunzei, if they have it, is pretty delish.

      1. re: namstermonster

        I concur. I had lunch during the last DineLA so I could give it a shot without breaking the bank. The polenta was sublime, but the spaghetti (although decent) was not hype worthy in my opinion, and certainly not at a BH entree price point.

    2. I've ordered the tasting menu both times I've eaten there (in May and December last year) and came away thoroughly impressed.

      Ask your server if Chef Vargas would be able to put together a tasting menu for you. It will include the "must-gets" (i.e. the polenta and the spaghetti) but also 3-4 other delicious offerings.

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      1. re: degustingdiary

        Last time I was there I had a ravioli stuffed with fois gras. It was amazing.

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          Thanks. I would jump to do a tasting menu, since it's my birthday. However, I'm going with my family, in which, one will pretty much only eat red meat or chicken and hates vegetables, another cannot eat beef, pork, shellfish, or anything with tomatoes, a third won't eat cooked fish (but loves raw), and the fourth won't eat game and considers anything that even smacks of molecular gastronomy as not "real food." I would not subject any chef to trying to do a tasting menu with those tastes.

          It's okay, because I'm going with foodie friends to Red Medicine the following night.

        2. I've had most of the pastas which are all good to very good, but I had the most unbelievable veal chop a few months back. It might have been the best steak, chop etc I've ever had. Big, tender, perfectly seasoned and cooked. I wouldn't normally order something like this in a restaurant of this type, but I brought a very nice, BIG, red so I jumped in. I was actually kind of shocked how good the chop was. My mouth waters thinking about it.

          1. Scott Conant's simple spaghetti is made completely from scratch. Simple but deceivingly good.

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            1. re: J.L.

              totally agree; simple, tomato, basil, al dente, served in a mound the size of an upside down chinese rice bowl. elegant, tho expensive. like $26

              don't trust their meats tho and stay away from anything that has the word steak in it. they haven't perfected that part of it yet.

            2. I did the tasting menu in vegas, the star of the meal was the short rib angolotti.