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May 16, 2012 03:52 PM

Rocky Mountain Oysters

I need to find some of these for a dish I'm making this weekend. I called Uwajimaya and they have at least a 2 week special order. I only need a few, but I need them now. Any ideas?


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  1. Metropolitan Markets or Golden Steer in Bellevue.

    1. Don & Joe's in the Market

      1. Try Ranch 99 in Shoreline.

        1. I found a source for them through the backdoor. My boss' neighbor had some from a calving in Oregon. He gave me a 3 pound bag. They were unprocessed, bloody and had bits of hair. I defrosted in a pan of cold water until I could remove ten for my dish. When I cut into the first on,e to remove the outer membrane, I saw that inside was caramel colored and gelatinous, like it was disintegrating. When touched with a finger it stuck a bit. It was very odd. With no experience I have no way of knowing if that was normal. But between questioning wether they were safe to eat and my own gross out factor I didn't use them. I gave the entire bag to the friend that likes offal so hopefully, if they are good, they won't go to waste.