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May 16, 2012 02:37 PM

Where to eat in Jekyll Island

Will be traveling with my favorite traveling companion to Jekyll Island for a long weekend. I've never been there, and see that there has been no discussion of Jekyll Island restaurants on CH. I hope that this is not an omen. We may add a day trip to St. Simons Island. We are partial to places that feature local cuisine using local ingredients in inventive ways. Any recommendations for either location would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. Check out the reports for St. Simons Island...the closest area for good dining. The times I have stayed on Jekyll Island I wound up discovering the drive to St. Simons was worth the drive for a good meal. It is a very short beautiful drive over a few bridges.

    1. We had a decent lunch one time at the Jekyll island hotel once. The old fancy one, not 100% sure of the name. Pretty slim pickings out there though and second going to St Simons.

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        I live on st simons & there is very little to draw me to Jekyll. Seajays & Lattitudes have gorgeus views & Wharfrats play some killer acoustic dead. St Simons best experience you won't get most places is Southern Soul. It has been discussed in several other posts. Best Fine Dining is Georgian Room @ Sea Island tons of local vegetables & menu changes with that is available, Extremely expensive. Best normal scale fine dining is Delaneys do not let small menu scare you. generally 5 or more special apps & entrees.
        If you want incredible local shrimp in a true dive B&J's in Darien. Fri & Sat nights Indigo in Brunswick is your best bet near Jekyll, very eclectic fun menu.

      2. i live on st. simons . The must eats i suggest are Indigo in downtowm Brunswick(the only reason to go to Brunswick!), Coastal Kitchen - at the very beginning of St. Simons in the marina- it's local and relatively innovative for the area; Palmer's for brunch or lunch in the Village (go to and check out chef's monthly dinner menu!) I also second the mention of B&Js in Darien. it's a bit of a drive but the Sunday afternoon buffet is some good local country cooking!

        1. Actually, I like both Latitudes and the Rah Bar a lot. I stay on Jekyll at least twice a year and it's a pain to drive to St. Simons, especially if you like having a drink with dinner. It takes a half hour to get over there when all is said and done.
          Latitudes has revamped their menu so there's interesting dishes besides fried seafood (which they do well). The fried green caprese app is yummy. The Rah Bar has the best peel and eat shrimp with buffalo sauce- so good.
          I've tried the Driftwood Bistro once right after it opened. I liked what I had- stuffed collard greens- but that was about 2 years ago. Fins opened recently and friends of mine on the island like it; I thought what I had was just ok.
          The Club is good but expensive and to eat in the dining room, you have to dress nice (men wear jackets). The Crane Cottage is more casual and basically the same food, still pricey.
          Darien is a haul. We eat at Skippers probably every time we come down because they do such a great job with fried seafood. B&J's has good food but honestly, to me, the dining room is just icky. I want to leave almost as soon as I sit down.

          1. I've eaten at almost every restaurant on Jekyll Island and my two favorites are Driftwood Bistro and Courtyard at Crane which is at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. Both have very good, well-prepared, well-executed food. Courtyard at Crane's atmosphere is unbeatable.

            I highly encourage you to go to the Courtyard at Crane at lunch and sit outside in the absolutely beautiful courtyard.

            For dinner, I'd go to Driftwood Bistro.

            Off the island, I agree with the other posters that B&J's Steak and Seafood in Darien is the best place around for shrimp.

            I'm happy to see someone recommending Georgian Room (or any restaurant at The Cloister for that matter) at The Cloister on Sea Island. If you're willing to pay for it and dress up a bit, no question about it, Georgian Room will blow you away - it is, after all, one of only 25 5-Star restaurants in the entire country. It is, without question, worth the drive from Jekyll Island.


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              Thanks for all the great suggestions. We just got back, and enjoyed Latitude 31 (twice) and Rah Bar, as well as the main dining room at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel (including its great Sunday brunch buffet). We also enjoyed Fins on the Beach, which is very casual but the chef/cook has a deft hand with the fryer. We also had the most tender, perfectly grilled shrimp of our visit there, and we ate lots of shrimp on Jekyll. Sorry to say we did not enjoy the food at the Courtyard at Crane, although the lovely setting almost made it worth the visit. My companion ordered seafood scampi, not a terribly challenging dish for a cook, which came without any discernible taste of garlic, and was seasoned with dried herbs that were harsh and unpleasant. My dish was good with the exception of a gluey risotto. Didn't make it to St. Simons, but that's just one more reason to go back.

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                We probably crossed paths at Latitudes and the Rah Bar! Glad you got to enjoy the Sunday Brunch at the Club, it's pretty good.