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May 16, 2012 02:23 PM

need help with 2-day itinerary on a budget please!

we are two food and drink lovers visiting from LA on a budget. we'll be arriving Thursday afternoon and leaving Saturday morning, staying near Sea World, and ready to eat just about anything. we'd also like to take in some of the local attractions such as balboa park and have tickets to a baseball game Friday night downtown. we have a car and don't mind driving but would like to have plenty of outdoor and relaxing time. we definitely want to hit up the mariscos german truck but are not sure which location is most convenient for us. we can get every kind of ethnic food in LA so we'd like to try some really standout local food, but again, can't spend a lot. any and all suggestions are appreciated!!

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  1. Here are some of my faves..

    Bay Park Fish Company in Bay Park..great happy hour
    Water's Fine Food on Morena
    JV's..great taco shop by USD
    Sab e Lee in Linda Vista for fab Thai
    Perry's for breakfast in Old Town...trucker cap required
    Acqi es Texcoco in Chula Vista for the best potato taquitos and they say the goat is sublime
    Tender Greens in Liberty Station behind airport
    South Beach Grill in OB
    Azucar in guava pastries
    Sessions Public in PL/OB
    Bahia's in Bird Rock/LJ
    JRDN at Tower 23 for drinks and app's oceanfront in PB

    Have a great time in SD tastycakes and report back!

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      "they say the goat is sublime"

      Goat cheese? or Goat meat?

      1. re: stevewag23's neither goat cheese or goat's Lamb..
        What the hell do I know..
        ; )

        1. re: Beach Chick

          Yes it's lamb and they also have rabbit oh meatless one!

      2. re: Beach Chick

        LA is much more a foodie town than SD, but there are a few gems. It's not Hole Mole (Long Beach) but totally legit and well prepared Mexican at La Fachada
        20 25th St
        (at Imperial Ave)
        San Diego, CA 92102

        better than German Mariscos IMHO

        Pho on Fifth (Hillcrest) is pretty good

        1. re: globalevent

          Has La Fachada opened an outdoor area yet to replace the old one? It was my favorite Mex food in SD with the outdoor brazier and the old lady peeling onions and the kettle of beans simmering. . . eating inside with the sound of the video games isn't the same.

      3. BCs list hits most of the highlights.

        *Local Habit in Hillcrest features locally produced food and craft beer

        *SOL Market in the Liberty Station complex (north end, close to Wine Steals and Corvette Diner) sells and serves locally sourced and produced food products. SOL is an acronym for Sustainable, Organic and Local. They're not really too far from the Sea World area. They serve food, craft beer and you can pick up items to go here as well.

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        1. re: DiningDiva

          DD - have you tried SOL for dinner? If so, what are your thoughts?

          1. re: sdnosh

            I was there shortly after they opened and tried some of their products (jam, salumi, dates) but they weren't doing dinner yet. I'm hoping to try it next week after a meeting in LS

        2. Wine Vault for dinner. Great value and solid food.

            1. one of my favorite places in San Diego is WoodStocks Pizza.

              Great whole wheat pizza and the sauce is to die for.


              Keith Gilabert