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May 16, 2012 01:43 PM

Cuenca Recommendations?

I did a search, and there is only one post referencing Cuenca, so I thought I'd ask. From what I can tell, it looks like Casa Colgada and La Bodeguilla de Basilio are the places, and Churros con Chocolate in the Plaza Espana for breakfast. Any other recommendations?

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  1. Two other ideas... Both represent a more modern take on traditional Conquense dishes.

    In Cuenca proper:

    And a bit outside of Cuenca (on the road that leads to the geological oddity Ciudad Encantada) in Villalba de la Sierra:

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      Thank you. This year's trip is Madrid, Cuenca, San Sebastian and Bilbao. So, it should be fun from a food and art perspective.

    2. Ars Natura is in Cuenca, owned and run by the same chef as Las Rejas (Manuel de la Osa). It gets extremely good reviews.

      Las Rejas itself, still michelin-starred if I'm not mistaken, is about a 1hr 45min drive from Cuenca. If you have a car it could make for a very nice excursion and lunch.

      1. We just had dinner at Casas Colgadas. Excellent. I started with the Sopa Castilla (Garlic Soup), then had the solomillo (sirloin steak) and fried milk pudding for dessert. She had the Hake a la plancha and wound up eating a good part of my soup. Probably the best meal we've had in Spain so far this trip.

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          We went back for lunch and had the Cochinillo. I had the Gazpacho. Both were excellent.

        2. For what it's worth, the Churros con chocolate in the Plaza Espana were about the worst I;ve had in 20 years of Spanish travel. First, the "Churros" were not churros, but tejeringos cut into strips. Also about the greasiest I've ever had. The chocolate had almost no flavor. THick, but watery tasting. The only churros meal I didn't finish in 20 years. Across from the Plaza Espana was another place titled, "Churreria." Chocolate was standard, Vaqlor out of the bag. Churros tasted like they had been fried in old oil, and slightly too greasy. Cuenca obviously is not a churros town.

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            Not too many places are anymore. It's harder and harder to find places that make good churros, using fresh batches of oil, and frying them up regularly.

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              We actually looked to go there for lunch. The guard at the Francisco Perez Modern Art Foundation told us it was below, in the new town. So, we went down the hill, only to be told that it was up the hill. So, we ate at Meson Jose instead.