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May 16, 2012 01:35 PM

Pink Pearl (Hastings/Clark) now re-opened

After about 2-1/2 years since their fire !

Saw their ad in the weekend edition of Georgia Straight.

Anyone TOFTT yet ?

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  1. We heard that the new owners are the former proprietors of the Fortune, who closed their restaurant at the Oakridge Center in December. If so, the prospects for worthy dim sum are excellent.

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    1. re: Peter Rodgers

      Thx Peter. IMHO, PP's dim sum was far better than Fortune's, but then again PP was our family favorite for 20+ years, while Fortune was deemed hoity-toity by us, hence we may have missed out on the better nuances that Fortune had to offer. Either way, the more the merrier !

    2. Wonder why it took so long to reopen?