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May 16, 2012 01:27 PM

FOOD Ideas Needed for a Vancouver Trip over a Week

We are two adventurous New Yorkers traveling to the Pacific NW region in July and were wondering if anybody had any food-related suggestions for my trip. We will have a car, appetites, and willing to travel for the memorable meal. CREATIVE and LOCALLY SOURCED meals are always preferred.

Our current itinerary includes:

Mini road trip to Vancouver from Seattle - any stops in between?

Few nights in downtown Vancouver

At least a night in Whistler

Recommendations we've heard so far (let us know if you feel strongly against any):

Breakfast/Brunch - Cafe Artigiano, Templeton, Sun Sui Wah (dim sum)

Lunch/Dinner - Flying Pig Yaletown, Vijs, Save on Meats, Go Fish Ocean Emporium, Guu Izakaya

In Between/Late Night - Chinatown night market, JapaDog, Fritz Fry House, Slough Foods (in WA)

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  1. If you have a car, I'd sub out the Chinatown night mkt for one of the Richmond ones. I've never been to NYC more's the pity but I can't imagine the fries at Fritz being worth your while. Neither Flying Pig nor Save On are worth the candle IMO. Artigiano has fallen WAY off since becoming a chain, neither coffee nor food at all worthy. There is one dish at the Templeton I enjoy, the mangled eggs, but the home fries are meh. It is a cute place though.

    Since I've blown off a bunch of the places you had been recommended, let's see if I can offer some constructive suggestions/hints. The first is that I have yet to find a place in Vancouver that has both great coffee and food. Medina used to but no more for me at least. So get your java at one of the independents such as Kafka's, 49th Parallel or Elysian and then go elsewhere to eat. I really like the pulled pork/pork belly breakfasts at Red Wagon, just don't go on the weekend. If you want to stay downtown but still decadent, catch the breakfast poutine at La Brasserie (weekends only), which might take care of your fries jones as well.

    1. Adding to the wise Grayelf's constructive comments, seeing that you're from NYC, I'm not sure if Save On Meats and Templeton are worth your diversions. Same goes for Fritz (which GE already suggested).

      If you want a truly Pacific NW experience that's pretty unique to Vancouver and surrounds, a few of these may be worth considering:

      - Bishop's
      - Sooke Harbour House (in town of Sooke, on Vancouver Island, about 1 hr west of Victoria the BC capital city)
      - Tojo's (ok, there's differing opinions about them)
      - any of the izakayas in downtown West End along and around Robson St & Davie St.
      - The Galley Patio & Grill (@ Jericho Sailing Centre) just for the view, the view:

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        Tojo has gone for the tourist buck and is no longer worth the bother-or expense.

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          Good thing the original poster is a ........ tourist :-)

      2. here is some recent info about the drive betw/ SEA and V-BC ---

        make sure you go to the end of this thread cuz there is another link to a similar thread ...

        Chuckanut Drive (during daylight) is a lovely side-road between Skagit Valley (Mt Vernon/La Connor) and Bellingham. Here is the famous oyster restaurant

        if you have time, the bridge at Deception Pass is amazing (if you have no fear of heights

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          And IF you (ewl217) head down to Deception Pass, WA area, check out Sweet D's Shrimp Shack off of SR20. Beautiful clam strips and fried oysters !!!

        2. here's another fairly recent thread that you might find useful - SEA, VAN BC and Richmond

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          1. My friends and I had an amazing feast at Sushi Kimura. The food was delicious and the value for money made the taxi fare out to the location easily worthwhile.

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              Too bad Kimura closed a couple of weeks ago.