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May 16, 2012 12:30 PM

Korean cold spicy noodles?

A friend is craving Korean cold spicy noodles in Koreatown for lunch tomorrow. Any suggestions as to the best place for them? Thanks.

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  1. I have 2 favorite Ktwon spots for spicy noodles.

    If you want spicy bibim naengmyun, then you should definitely go to Hamhung on Olympic. IMO, it's simply the best and drinking the delicious hot yooksoo (beef broth) will make it that much better. You can choose from raw skate, beef, or pork, but I truly think beef is the way to go.

    Madang Kooksoo also has a good variety of spicy noodles, all which are delicious as well. They don't have naengmyun, but they do have regular somen spicy noodles, acorn spicy noodles, and good jjolmyun (thick chewy rice) noodles too..

    1. Chilbo Myunoak on 6th. Park's has pretty good ones also if you want meat or other stuff with your Naengmyun. I wouldn't recommend BBQ at Chilbo.

      1. O Jang Dong - best & cheap (but stick to the spicy version, not the soup version, which is bland)
        Ham Hung - 2nd best
        Chil Bo Myun Oak - terrible & overpriced

        1. yu chun is pretty good, tho admittedly i have not been in a long while. ham hung used to be awesome, til they changed owners several yrs ago and everything (esp their neng myun) suffered a great decline :/