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May 16, 2012 10:47 AM

uses for Pumpkin Seed oil

I read recently that Pumpkin seed oil has a lot of flavor. What are some good items to cook with Pumpkin seed oil.


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  1. It is used as a finishing oil not a cooking oil.
    Great on vegetable salads, stuffed pasta dishes especially wintery ones, drizzled on fruits or other dessert items especially vanilla based.
    I have used with Pippian sauce and Green Mole as well.
    It adds a deep roasty nut flavor.

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      This is the facebook page of a domestic producer which has a lot of recipe ideas on it for pumpkin seed oil:

      I found their oil at Dean & DeLuca recently and also use it mostly for finishing dishes..

    2. I've done granola with macadamia oil. I wonder if it would work with pumpkin seed oil, along with common pumpkin pie spices.

      1. Here's another company that produces it domestically.

        1. It is very common in Croatia and we always bring some back with us to Canada. We love it! They (and now we) use it to drizzle over cream soups, fresh cheese, pasta and risotto.

          1. great on grilled or roasted veggies. a memorable meal i had in austria (they are big on pumpkin oil there) was scrambled eggs on toast with pumpkin seed oil drizzled over it. scrumptious!