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May 16, 2012 10:18 AM

Upcoming Tokyo Trip

Will visit Tokyo for business next week. Here is what I booked so far.

Tempura Seiju
Sushi Taku
Japanese Ren
Okuda (lunch)
French Edition Shimomura (Lunch)
Unagi Obana (Lunch)
Italian Icaro

Some of the shops are rarely discussed in the board, am wondering what to expect. With the exception of Okuda and Shimomura, the others are not my choice. Is it still the case that Okuda will be behind the counter during lunch at Ginza Okuda? I heard he is relocating his old restaurant and might be away.
Would like to add a sushi lunch, am wondering if SHIMIZU any good? I dont speak Japanese, is that ok?
I also wonder if there is any suggestion for ODEN?

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  1. The chef of sushi Shimizu seems to travel abroad, he doesnt speak english, so.. with a group it might be hard.. but for a 40minutes lunch watching is feasible, and sushi can be relaxing. But, two kaiseki might be too much for a first venue, so why not some tempura for exemple ? Mikawa in Monzen Nakacho ?  
    After, the kaiseki Ren is the sister of the 3 stars of the famous Kaiseki Ishikawa, and at 12,000.-yens is is certainly better value !! Kaiseki Koju will move in june on the 4floor of the same building of kaiseki Okuda, so the chef Okuda will still be closer !!
    Unagi, in minami-senju, i didnt appreaciate it, I like my unagi more roasted, and this one was steamed(very fluffy), but too slightly roasted wtih a sweet sauce(sauce is as important).. after this place is centered in a local district of minami senju, and difficult to access, and reservation is impossible so you will have to queue for almost one hour..so it is not worth it!
    For sushi, In the roppongi area, i really recommend sushi kurusu, reservation in advance is necessary.

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