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May 16, 2012 09:18 AM

Best place to buy Saffron in Madrid

I am overnighting in Madrid in a few weeks and wanted to try and buy some saffron. Can anyone recommend a great place to get it in the city that has good prices. I am looking for authenic La Mancha saffron. I know it's available at Cortes Inglese as I have bought it there before but not sure if their prices are good or not. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Hope this isn't too late - Try the Mercado de San Miguel (Market of San Miguel). You can get all sorts of groceries and there's a fabulous wine bar.

    It's located next to the Plaza Mayor. You can easily google it to find a map or ask someone as most locals are very familiar with it.

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      Thanks for getting back to me!! I just got back from the trip :) As it turned out we were delayed getting into taldrid whcic didn;t leave us enough time to go into the city so we just remained at the airport hotle and I ended up buying small bottles of it in the Duty Free - which turned out to be fairly reasonable. 6.90 Euros a gram

    2. Last week we came back from Madrid. We found a very old shop, since 1837, that is famous for its spanish saffron. They sell it for a good price in boxes up to 40 gr. They just opened a online shop becuase its 175 anniversary. Guauuuuuu!!!!!
      They are beetween Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. Exactly in calle Sal. Very small street next to the Plaza Mayor.

      1. Thought I would update this as I just got back and used this thread to help me find saffron. First went to the mercado de San Miguel. First off, don't make this a stop on your last morning in the city looking for souvenirs and stuff, the place is awesome, like we did. Tons of tapas, wine, seafood, etc stalls, both cooked and uncooked. As far as saffron in concerned, it's not that great. Only one stall, all they had were small boxes and the girl knew nothing about saffron. I used this article as a guide,, and the only thing I found was the 3rd grade at the market, and only in 1-2 gram boxes.

        Then went over to shop in calle sal listed below, that is also address listed on their website. It is very close to San Miguel market, but has no signage that identifies it as bartolome gourmet. They did have many size boxes, but none listed like the article from a grading standard. Prices we're good the more you bought, but I don't really know saffron so opted for middle size box, about 10 grams, and hope for the best. I should have stopped in at the spice store I saw in seville, that had baskets of different spices that you could smell. I guess try and ask hotel or restaurants where else to look if saffron is important to you.