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May 16, 2012 09:18 AM

Coals - new restaurant in Port Chester

Driving along Main St. the other day, noticed signage up at the Westchester Avenue end of N. Main St for a restaurant called "Coals" - grilled pizza. There's one in the Bronx that opened a few years ago, according to their website - Anyone been to the Bronx location?

We've had Port Chester pizza threads before - I'm a sucker for Tarry Lodge's guanciale & fried egg pizza (although it was once served to me with the egg almost completely raw in the middle, a bit of a turn-off), and I have to say, on a good night, JT Straw's rocks out a pretty tasty pie. Haven't tried Frank's or other places, so I'll be interested to see how Coals does.

Still, nice to see new businesses come along on Main St. (Having trouble remembering what was there before, though.)

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  1. Update: A bit of googling reveals that it's where Patrias used to be! Hadn't even realized it had closed, though I believe they struggled after changing management a while ago, if I recall correctly.

    1. Ate at Coals in Port Chester last night. Ambiance and food just as good as their Bronx location. The grilled pizza is certainly a different style....but a delicious one. I love Tarry Lodge pizza too , but comparisons don't make sense because it's like comparing apples to oranges. Ordered two salads - a caesar and I think the other was called the Coals Salad. Both excellent. Good choice of beer.

      1. The NYTimes raved about the Bronx restaurant. It is extremely difficult to park there, but on an occasion we managed to get a spac.e. I was disappointed with the pizza.It reminded me of tomato sauce and cheese on grilled naan. Not what I expected. The place was crowded at noon.

        1. Went there on Sat. night and enjoyed it. I agree that you can't compare Coals to the Tarry Lodge, but I will not go back to the TL mostly because of the terrible service there. The people at Coals were great and the service was excellent. We ordered the caesar salad...which was very nice. Then 3 pizzas: a margharita (good), a smoked mozz/onion/cappacola (also good), and a fontina/mushroom/truffle oil (very good!). Also a great selection of beers. I wish J.T. Straws had at least one of these beers on tap, as I love their pizzas.

          Anyway....I'll go back to Coals, though it isn't the best pizza I've had, it was interesting and set in a comfortable setting.

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            I finally made it to Coal's for lunch on Saturday, and while I admit that I was so hungry that a coal-fired shoe would have tasted good, that was a darn fine pizza. I'm open to all kinds of pizzas and realize that this might not be what some people might expect, or even want, but I was a very happy person.

            They were huge, but the crust was so thin I managed make a pretty decent dent in mine. Despite the thin crust, it stood up to a good amount of (deliciously sweet, but not overly so) sauce and cheese. I had the Smokey Joe, with coppa and smoked mozz (I think), and Husband had the Dean Martin, with good pepperoni.

            The smokey flavor from the coals added a really delicious dimension to the pizza; even Husband's, without the smoked cheese, had the same thing. (He polished off the whole thing; I left about half of mine which we shared for lunch the following day - still delicious.)

            We had an arugula salad; good, but nothing out of the ordinary. The beer flight was a great opportunity to try a few different flavors - the Nitro milk stout knocked my socks off.

            Really happy to have this addition to Main St. Prices are reasonable; decor is neutral; pizzas are just really yummy.

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