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May 16, 2012 09:04 AM

taking over restaurant and CHARGE for CAKE CUTTING? Thoughts?


I'm taking over an entire restaurant /loungefor my birthday. I'm meeting their minimum fee for the night (being charged $15/pp for passed apps AND paying on consumption bar (up to a limit).

Their desserts are 12/pp - kind of high -- so said I can bring my own cake. Now, at contract time, they want to charge $50 for cake service? Something they never said before.

Thoughts? I think that's crazy - considering I'm bringing 70-80 people, meeting the $ minimum $$ made that night can offset my bill or go to them. Am I overreacting and thinking this is penny wise pound foolish?

  1. No, this is pretty common. Like a corkage fee.

    1. So will you be bringing your own plates and silverware for the cake? Will you be serving the cake and cleaning up after the 70-80 finish their cake? For that many people, $50 is a bargain, less than a dollar per person. Someone posted here awhile ago and it was the equivalent of the cost of the restaurant's dessert multiplied by the number of people.

      1. They're losing the revenue from being unable to serve their own dessert to your guests. They're making up for some of it by charging you a service a corkage fee.
        For 70-80 people? I'd consider myself lucky.

        1. Seems very reasonable to me (if not downright cheap).

          1. Color me crazy....$1500-2000 to close a restaurant for a private party is not something I would do normally.. I think you should be grateful you found a place willing to work with your budget. Many people will not have more than a drink or two., so I really do not see a big profit for the restaurant and probably why the cake charge was implemented at contract time. I'm sure they do this for everyone and did not institute it strictly for you. As others have noted, it's pretty standard today for restaurants who allow you to bring in your own cake.

            For the record, if you did a search on this topic, many will cite in their home state outside food is not allowed by code..If you look to the right on related discussions, in *charging for cakes *, it notes the restaurant charges 7.49 /Sterling per person..