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May 16, 2012 08:24 AM

Good eats in Bayside

I'm a Queens kid who is moving back to Bayside - near Bell and 42 Ave. I'd like some suggestions for good pizza (and good to me is NOT brick oven but old fashioned, outer borough, thin crust, fold it in half, hear a nice crack, no frills slice) decent asian take-out (for nights I am not going to Flushing) Mexican and Greek --other than Fontanas on Franny Lou. Thanks

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  1. My family's favorite pizza in the neighborhood is VIPizza (43-02 Bell Boulevard). Nothing fancy, just good pizza.

    If you're looking for Chinese take-out, good luck. I haven't found a good place yet. I will occasionally drive out to Saigon (61-42 Springfield Blvd) for Chinese. It's a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant and it's run by Chinese people. They do a good job with stir frys. If you want just Vietnamese, there is Mekong East (43-13 Bell Boulevard) that is very good. My favorite Thai in the area is Bonne Saison (4004 Bell Blvd). There are also a lot of Korean places nearby, but I can't comment on them since my wife won't eat Korean food.

    As for Greek, go to Avli (3831 Bell Boulevard). Unlike Fontanas which seems like a greasy diner, Avli has a nice atmosphere and very good food. Decent prices, too.

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      VIPizza has excellent sicilian and grandma pies. Really top notch classic NY style.

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        Fino Wine & Tapas on 39-13 Bell Boulevard is a definite standout as well.

    2. Erawan for Thai
      Il Toscano for Italian
      Mickey's Place for Japanese
      Avli for Greek

      These three, I would sooner travel elsewhere even if inconvenient:


      1. Press 195 makes excellent sandwiches and fries with some nice beer selections.

        1. Guh Song for Korean Chinese (try their bone-on gunpunggi - coated fried chicken); Ham Ji Bach (Korean BBQ) moved around the corner to Bell, and there's also a Sam Gyap Sul joint (pork bbq) place right nearby. There's also a decent Chinese bakery (85 Express Asian? Express Asian? they keep changing their name) on 48th right near Bell - good spongecake.

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            I have had some excellent Korean meals at Cana Restaurant, 212-30 48th Ave.

          2. Mythos for Greek

            BKNY on Franny Lew for Thai.

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                Driven by several times. Strange set-up. No windows onto Frances Lewis. Always been dubious but, hey, who needs a view and have read your praise before. Plus, I dig the mural. Will try these guys out.

                If we're getting into the Flushing border here, I'll recommend Tang (Korean - best dishes: jukbol, seoullentang, bossam and hameul pajeun) and Kati Allo for Greek, further down Francis Lewis.


                1. re: Polecat

                  If you go, the banana leaf steamed fish special at BKNY is crazy good, the dipping sauce is addictive as well. Seriously an undiscovered dish, probably because BKNY is a little out of the way, no subways, the exterior is not really confidence inspiring and the name is confusing to people who automatically assume BK means Brooklyn. I haven't been back in a while but my last meal there was wonderful. The steamed fish, short rib special, crab fried rice were all really excellent. Curries are much stronger at Sripraphai but BKNY offers some dishes that Sri doesn't have.

                  1. re: Pookipichu

                    I definitely want to try that banana leaf steamed fish, I just saw it this week in the CHOW digest. I moved back to Queens last year after 6 years in Boston, and though some of my old faves are still solid (I enjoy Erawan, however $12 drinks at the bar really seems excessive), I am always on the lookout for a new spot to try. I love the curry noodles at Erawan, hopefully there is a similar dish at BKNY I can try.

                    1. re: rosie17

                      Their banana leaf steamed fish is SO good. It is the main reason I go to BKNY.

                      1. re: Pookipichu

                        I'm definitely making my way over there soon to try it. Any noodle dishes stand out to you? Thanks!

                        1. re: Pookipichu

                          Made it over there a few Fridays ago, on the heels of your recommendations. Had the crab fried rice.

                          The fried rice itself was good, with a nice wok flavor. 16 bucks, though, for fried rice with a barely noticeable tea-spoon size portion of crab meat, is my idea of overpriced. On the plus side, the prices for other dishes struck me as reasonable.

                          It's a huge, dark space, with one small window looking out onto Frances Lewis. On one wall the Statue of Liberty represents NY, but it was too dark for me to see if there was something representative of BK on the other side.

                          Thanks for the recommendation, and I'll be back for the BananaFish.


                    2. re: Polecat

                      BKNY is really good. And the owner and servers are super nice.. That mural cost him $5K.. lol

                      I wouldn't have thought it would have been good based on the Francis Lewis view but the food is great and the place is comfortable.

                    3. re: Pookipichu

                      Definitely BKNY over Erawan, any day of the week.