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May 16, 2012 06:40 AM

Richmond, VA to Asheville, VA - I 81 - Looking for some great places to eat along the way

Looking for a couple of places along I81 on our way to Asheville this weekend to get some great local fare. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Can you be more specific about your route? I-81 doesn't run through either Richmond nor Asheville. Also, NC and VA are on separate boards, so you'll need to post on the Mid-Atlantic Board in order to get recs for VA.

    You can also do a search that will help you find previous posts concerning the same topic. For example, here are some posts from the Mid-Atlantic board concerning I-81:

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      My apologies, I intended to type I-85, we will be crosing through Raliegh/Durham area. Most interested in some great little places in NC between Durham and Asheville. Thanks for your help with the above links!

      1. re: bmhardy

        Ok, that makes more sense to me...I-85 to I-40. Some places I like include Allen and Son BBQ, near Hillsborough, NC, Keaton's near Statesville, NC for BBQ chicken (check their website for hours of operation), Delancey's in Burlington for home cooking, and Yum Yum in Greensboro for hot dogs and homemade ice cream. Depending how far off the highway you want to get, you can search on this board for "Greensboro" and "Winston-Salem" and find lots of suggestions in those cities.

    2. Is this by any chance, my pal BMHardy??? If so - HEY! If not, well....hey! ;-). I have a SLIGHT detour recommendation for BBQ. At Greensboro, you can go north just slightly (20-ish mile detour) to Reidsville NC and Short Sugar's BBQ: . It's what I grew up on. The sauce is different from any other sauce I’ve ever had – it isn’t Eastern clear vinegar or Western tomato. I buy giant jugs of it when I go to visit my grandmother and can it in jars. You can only go on Saturday, though. Like most small town BBQ joints, it's closed Sunday. If you don't feel like making the detour, I’ve heard good things about Stamey’s in Greensboro. They are closed Sunday, too. Have a great trip!

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        HAY!!!! It is me :) I should have know that you'd be on here! Thanks for the tips. I am sure some we'll be stopping by one of these!

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          The Stamey's on High Point Rd. is not too far off the highway. My 91 year old Daddy takes me to Stamey's every time I visit, so I have a sentimental attachment :) ( I drive)

          1. re: Sue in Mt P

            Stamey's is good, but for my money Little Richard's BBQ in Clemmons (exit 184 just west of Winston-Salem) is better. Of course, we're talking Lexington style BBQ here, so right off the bat it's an inferior product. ;)