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May 16, 2012 04:47 AM

Portland: just one night, first time there, one meal, so many choices- help!

This will be my first visit to the pacific NW and I'll be in Portland for just one night. Been reading the boards, the blogs, the reviewers and instead of narrowing it down to just a handful of places to pick from I've become paralyzed with all the wonderful choices. So, all knowing chowhounds, if you could have just one dinner, just the one, where would you go? Oh, and this one night is a Monday, so I'm guessing that will eliminate a couple of places right from the start.

Also, my SO loves cask conditioned beer so if you could recommend some places that we should check out before or after dinner, that'd be wicked awesome (yup we are coming in from Boston).

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  1. Cask conditioned beers: Bailey's Taproom, Belmont Station, Green Dragon, Deschutes...and there are others.

    Well misspickypants (sorry, couldn't resist ;o), we are not you, and we know nothing about you and what YOU how are our picks going to help you? Let us know more about what you want in a dinner? So many places are open 7 nights a week now, though, you are right, some do close on Mondays.

    Personally, it depends what I am in the mood for, whether I'd want to wait (if I can't make a reservation...because we have a lot of places here that don't take reservations...less of a concern on a Monday night at many places, but not all.), how much I'd want to spend...

    Meaty midscale: Ox, Laurelhurst Market
    Ramen/sushi/modern Japanese: Wafu
    Rustic Italian (great steak/pizza/salads/winelist) midscale: Nostrana, Firehouse
    NW ingredients tapas: Toro Bravo
    NW ingredients/Mediterraenean/modern flair: Tabla
    French Bistro: St. Jack
    Small plates/local products: aviary

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      Thanks JillO!

      As you might image, I'm pretty picky but since I'll only be there for the one night I wanted to get recommendations from locals on where they would go to eat if they could just choose one restaurant. Mr. Pickypants is anything but, he's a very adventurous eater.

      So I guess for some parameters I'd say we'd like to go someplace that had delicious food, locally sourced is always a big plus but most importantly would be a quintessential representation of the best of what Portland has to offer (obviously a very subjective thing).

      Tabla is a place that looks to be right up my alley, and the Mr. would like all the places you listed, but would likely choose Toro Bravo or aviary.

      1. re: misspickypants

        I'd say Little Bird; amazing French bistro, great charcuterie, has marrow bones almost every night, usually open Mondays but apparently closed on the 28th.