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May 16, 2012 02:30 AM

Thank you, Chowhound

I've been traveling around Hong Kong for the past four days. When I travel to a new city in the US I spend hours on Chowhound finding tasty places to eat. Shamefully, I've been negligent in that regard with HK because it was my first trip to Asia and there were so many other things to plan. About two hours ago I realized that I'd had a lot of meals here that ranged from okay to good, but nothing great. Plus I'd not had any dim sum. So I jumped on Chowhound and within twenty minutes I was on my way to Tim Ho Wan's Mong Kok location, 15 minutes from my hotel.

My life is now divided into two periods: the thirty years BCSB (before char siu bao) and the hours ACSB. I've decided to stop being Jewish because I cannot believe in a god who would deny me the pleasures of eat those BBQ pork buns.

Anyway, thank you all for that recommendation. It was the highlight of the trip to date.

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  1. I have a few vegetarian friends here in HK who have decided Pork is a vegtable for similar reasons.

    1. OMG! LOL! I knew a New York Jewish guy who said almost *exactly* what you just said. But that was more than 35 years ago, and he was referring to "dai bao" (large pork buns) he had in Penang.

      But he's worse, he went on to say, "Now I know why we're being denied pork on Earth, .... so we can enjoy it more when we're in Paradise!". Sacrilege! :-D

      1. Welcome to the club! Now, you have to head over to Wan Chai and try the Fu Sing's version for comparison!!

        1. Welcome to the dark side.


          1. @Phil - I've long maintained that bacon is a vegetable, so I see no reason to deny that treatment to the entire pig!

            @Klyeoh - I like that interpretation. Heaven is just endless rows of pork buns.

            @Charles - I believe it was one of your posts specifically that pointed me to THW so thank you!