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May 15, 2012 10:55 PM

Souffle in LA?

Hi I am coming on holiday to LA early in June.

My girlfriend adores Souffles both savoury and sweet.

At what restaurant can I find souffles for her?

Preferably in the Beverly Hills or Sants Monica areas.

Thanks you so much.


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  1. Chocolate souffle at CUT

    1. Souffle is really a fairly easy dish -- all restaurants have eggs. The issue is whether they have the dishes in which to cook them. I'd call Bouchon and ask if they can work with you, providing you arrange in advance.

      1. Morton's dessert souffles are excellent. The chocolate souffle is very rich, but not overly sweet.

        Melisse has a dessert called "chocolate, chocolate, chocolate," which has four different preparations of chocolate. One is a mini-souffle in which they inject via syringe melted Valrhona chocolate. All four of the chocolate preparations are great, but I would get the dish just for that souffle. It's that good. (I've never asked, but perhaps they would do a single, larger souffle as a dessert.)

        1. Spago makes great souffles. I don't know if they're always on the menu, so call and double check before you go.