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May 15, 2012 08:12 PM

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro is Now Open for Dinner

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro, known for their odd hours & yummy sandwiches, is now open for DInner Tuesday - Saturday 5:30 - 9.

If they can bring the same quality they put into their sandwiches and soups, the dinner should be good.

Very excited to try their dinner service.

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    1. Excited about this!

      Has anyone seen the menu yet? I was told it's very different than what is offered at lunch but haven't been by to scope it out as yet.

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      1. re: jerkstore

        Interesting indeed. This will give Pear Tree a wee bit of competition for the dinner crowd. Or not. We'll see.

        1. re: LotusRapper

          This sounds exciting! I wonder what types of creative things they will be able to do in a dinner format. Looking forward to seeing the menu!

          I'm hoping they do a creative application of that delicious lamb from the sandwich into a dinner application........

          1. re: LotusRapper

            I don't think it will compete with Pear Tree, as the two restaurants are positioned very differently, special occassion dinner vs everyday dinner.

            I think it will give Sfinaki's, Cristos & Thai Cafe (if they re-open with the same staff) competition.

            Hoping they will turn into a "Kimura" type, great food but causal hidden gem in the burbs, with their dinner service.

            1. re: moyenchow

              You're right, Chez Meme and PT won't be competitors per se. Although from a "modernized Continental" cuisine point of view, I can't think of other like restos along that stretch of Hastings.