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May 15, 2012 07:50 PM

Miami - Boca to Naples - where can we stop for lunch?

We are flying into Miami on a sunday and driving over to Naples. Before we head west on 75, we want to meet some family for lunch that live in Boca. Is there a good place we can stop for lunch that is not too out of the way? It would be a group of 5-6 including a three yr old.

no major chains please!

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  1. Would be good to know where in Boca more specifically. It's a pretty big area, it could take half an hour to get from SW Boca to NE Boca... and you mentioned "not too far out of the way".

    Any type of food prefered or not preferred?

    Off top of my head I am thinking Henry's might be a good and safe option - although I'd have to check to see if they are open for lunch Sunday. Many (but not all) of your better restaurants will not be open for lunch Sunday.

    1. I would suggest that you meet in Fort Lauderdale. That's halfway between Boca and Miami and from there you can get right on I-595 which goes into Alligator Alley (I-75) to Naples. If you let me know what kind of food you are looking for, I can give you some suggestions. Going up to Henry's is way out of your way.

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        Ahh yes - I see, I misunderstood. It sounds like the OP doesn't necessarily want to MEET in Boca, but just meet folks FROM Boca - someplace convenient.

        In that case, definitely someplace in FLL, Sunrise, Plantation, Davie area makes much more sense as GB says.

        OP - what time of day are you looking at? That could make a difference.

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          Coral Springs could be good tho I have no idea what's there, but off 595/75 on the way to Naples.

      2. Try Doris Italian Market in Sunrise if it's not too far out of your way. They have amazing italian gourmet food and baked goods. We go there for their fine Ciliengine salads and to catch up on local gossip. Tell them Angelique told you to go and they just might invite your table with dessert.

        1. Weston will put you already on the west side of the county and a stonethrow from I75. Some choices at the Weston Towne Center, nothing fancy tho. I personally like the cheese course

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            As mrotmd mentioned, Weston would be a convenient place to meet. Weston Rd runs south from 595/75 and has numerous small resturants from fast food to upscale Italian. What kind of food are you looking for?

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              we are pretty open to anything, as long as they have some kid options. just found out we will not be meeting the boca family, so...just need a good place to stop on this side of the state before heading west.