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May 15, 2012 06:53 PM

Visiting Portland with children

We'll be visiting Portland with two 5 year olds, and we are looking for places with great food where we can take them. We have a sitter so we can go to Le Pigeon and Ned Ludd, but would love suggestions particularly for lunch and trucks. Keen on finding places that have interesting food but also something that kids will eat- these are pretty ok eaters, will have veggies, new stuff etc but we need places where, for example, not EVERYTHING is spicy. Does that eliminate Pok Pok? What truck / pod would you recommend? And what about donuts?

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  1. I can't believe I am about to receommend Voodoo Doughnuts, but I can't think of a better donut stop for kids. A donut topped with frosting and sugary cereal, yup. A jelly donut that's a voodoo doll covered in chocolate with pretzels you can stick in it, yup. A frosted donut covered in M&Ms...yup. Seriously, what kid wouldn't love those? There are better donuts in town, but this is our most famous, and it is a real kid pleaser.

    Two good food pods are in SE: Good Food Here on SE Belmont ((Aybla, EuroTrash, Rollin' Etta, Sugar Cube, Lardo) and D-Street Noshery on SE Division (PDX671, Blues City Biscuits, Oregon Ice Works, The Pie Spot). The original downtown pod, SW 5th and Oak is worth visiting (if only for Tabor and Brunch Box, maybe even El Cubo de Cuba). The Alder Pod at SW Alder and 9th has some gems too (Nong's, The People's Pig.


    Lots of info here:

    Just remember, they're carts, they sometimes move and are sometimes closed when they say they will be open. ;o


    And to answer your question about have to be careful picking around the PokPok menu, but if your kids are happy with roasted chicken, sticky/fish saucy chicken wings, pork skewers, coconut'll do OK at Pok Pok. Just ask as you order and your server will make sure that your kids get a nonspicy meal while you and your partner cen get stuff that is spicier.

    Another kid pleaser (though I don't care for their food, personally...they do have drinks! ;o), is SlappyCakes, where you can make your own pancakes on the table griddle.

    And, good for you for getting a sitter to go out at night!

    1. There's also pizza...Lovely's 50/50 on Mississippi also has great ice cream.

      1. In downtown Portland, particularly for lunch, you can take your kids to The Elephant Deli, wihich is really a combo grill/bakery/pizza/.takeout place. Seating is tight, but we've always been able to find seating with our grand. The place is just off Burnside in NW. I love the food for myself but there will be great stuff for kids too. Have a look at the cookies, if they are cookie loving kids.

        1. In downtown Pizzicato would also be a great choice for a quick, but good casual meal.

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            Thanks everyone! Hoping the weather will cooperate now!