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A main course using fresh dill--other than salmon.

I got some great fresh dill at the Farmers' Market and would love to highlight it in a main course--but my husband is not a big fan of salmon. Suggestions please.

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  1. Tzatziki.......for Grilled Chicken, Lamb or Pork

    1. Shrimp salad. Ina Garten has a nice recipe.



      1. Roast chicken




        Egg salad

        1. Pork roast. Stuff a pork loin with fresh dill and garlic.

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          1. There is a Swedish recipe for veal (in a cream and egg sauce?) that uses a lot of dill

            1. Avgolemono soup. Serve with a great crusty bread and and arugala salad. Yum!

              1. See any Russian cookbook. Soups, crawfish..you name it. For that matter, just about ANY cookbook from the Northern Latitudes east of the North Sea.

                1. I've made a quinoa casserole based on twilightgoddess'(?) post, that has quinoa in a creamy dill and lemon sauce with tiny prawns and peas.

                  1. Cha Ca Thang Long (Vietnamese turmeric and dill fish) uses up a lot of dill and is perfect with mild white fish. I also mix dill, yogurt and garlic to make a sauce for ground beef and pasta.

                    1. Shred some chicken breast and mix with cream cheese, a bit of mayo, a bit of butter, diced shallots, and a good hefty load of dill. Lemon zest is good, too. Cut puff pastry into squares, put a large dollop of your filling in the middle, and fold the four sides like an envelope. Bake until the pastry is cooked.

                      1. My favorite thing to do when I get my hands on a bunch of great dill is to make a creamy dill dip/sauce to use for anything.

                        I use low fat silken tofu as a base and add some yogurt with olive oil OR low fat mayo, lots of lemon juice and some zest, lots of garlic, salt to taste (and/or a few anchovies), and whatever else (sometimes other herbs, sometimes scallions, sometimes capers). Whir that up with a huge bunch of dill and you've got a great healthful sauce. We do use it with salmon but also cold chicken, turkey burger sliders, and about everything else (as a dressing for cucumber salad etc.)

                        1. Here is a search the will take you to many Indian Dill recipes. in India dill is used as a seasoning and a vegetable and in large quantities.

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                          1. Not the entree, but my local Persian restaurant adds a lot of dill to rice. And not a main course, but my local Polish restaurant makes a nice soup of chicken broth with mashed potato mixed in it and plenty of dill.

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                              Rice with dill sounds great, I think I will try this...any specifics?

                            2. Add lots of chopped dill to chopped peppers, cucumbers, tomato, radish. Top with cubes of feta. Geese and lemon dressing. Good with pita chips.

                              1. On a hot day there is very little better than a cold poached turkey breast with cucumber dill sauce. Add a fresh garden salad and you have the perfect meal, IMHO.

                                  1. this:

                                    it's one of my favorite persian dishes, served with lamb shanks usually. yum.

                                    1. I love mushroom barley soup with lots of fresh dill!